Banner Saga Wiki

Overview[ | ]

Renown is the currency unit in both the single player campaign and multi-player. Uses and sources of both differ as follows.

The Banner Saga: Chapter 1[ | ]

In The Banner Saga: Chapter 1, Renown is primarily used to obtain goods and supplies and promote heroes for your journey. While battle remains the primary source of Renown, actions taken during certain story driven and random events frequently provide some as well.

Single Player Uses[ | ]

Single Player Sources[ | ]

  • Standard battle rewards:
    • Defeating enemy units (+1 per unit)
  • Rewards for heroic or karmic actions during events (varies).

The Banner Saga: Factions[ | ]

In multi-player, Renown is the currency for managing, customizing and improving your clan.

Multi-Player Uses[ | ]

  • To promote (upgrade) your units
  • To recruit new units from the Mead House
  • To expand your barracks, in order to accommodate more units
  • To rename a character
  • To purchase a color-variation for one of your characters
  • To register for the active Tournament

Multi Player Sources[ | ]

The main source of Renown is battle. After each fight you earn some Renown, whether you win or lose. The better your performance in battle, the more your Renown grows.

  • Standard battle rewards:
    • Defeating enemy units (+1 per unit)
    • Winning a battle (+5)
    • Winning Streak (+1, applies for each win-in-a-row in Ranked and Tournament matches)
    • Expert Mode (+2, whether you win or lose)
    • Daily Login Streak Bonus (+1 per battle, up to X battles; X being the number of days logging in continuously, at least once per day)
    • Underdog Bonus (+1 per power-level difference)

Renown Earned

  • Special battle rewards:
    • Unlocking Steam Achievement (+5 per Achievement)
    • Activating Rally Boost from the Marketplace (+5 per battle)

Other sources of Renown include:

  • Placing in a weekly Tournament (+200 for 1st, +100 for 2nd, +50 for 3rd)
  • Purchasing Renown at the Marketplace (+80, +300, +600, +1600)
  • Purchasing Starter Pack (+100 among units)