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Scathach is a Teulu Hero character encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Scathach.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
9 / 11 Armor
13 / 14 Strength
5 / 10 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
3 / 4 Break
Start rank Free points
5 0
Movement Range
Active Passive
Trample Hit and Run
Class: Teulu

Background[ | ]

A duty-bound trader dedicated to his herd, Scathach is more trusting of strangers than the majority of his kind. While most humans think of horseborn as a myth, Scathach has interacted with the Kragsmen of the southern bogs often enough to temper his fear.

Icon trample

Active Ability: Trample[ | ]

The Horseborn Teulu charges forward and tramples an enemy, then attacks from behind. The enemy target suffers regular Strength damage during the charge, is subesequently struck for 1 Strength per tile the Teulu moved before the trample, and is left Concussed, suffering 20% miss-chance on his next (regular) Attack.

Rank 1: Trample 2 tiles

Rank 2: Trample 3 tiles

Rank 3: Trample 4 tiles

Icon mulekick

Active Ability: Mule Kick[ | ]

  • When promoted to Rank 6, Scathach gains the primary active of Ro'Ech, Mule Kick.

The Horseborn Teulu delivers a devastating kick with his powerful horse's legs, dealing (Armor) Break damage to the target, sending him flying across the battlefield and leaving him Stunned when he lands. Any other unit unfortunate enough to be in the path of the flying enemy suffers a violent hit as well, taking 1 Strength damage. Be careful who is in the Knockback path!

Rank 1: Knockback up to 2 tiles

Rank 2: Knockback up to 4 tiles

Rank 3: Knockback up to 6 tiles

Icon hitandrun

Passive Ability: Hit and Run[ | ]

The Horseborn Teulu takes his normal movement, then can attack or use an Ability. Once the action is complete, he can move again up to three tiles; no Willpower may be spent on the second move.

Joining the Party[ | ]

Scathach joins the Skogr caravan in Chapter 10, when the Horseborn are first met near Lundar.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

Banner Saga 3: Scathach will be killed by the oncoming Warped warriors if he is put in charge of defending the walls during the first revisit to Arberrang.

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Trample increases both the range and the damage output of the Teulu's Attack: at Ranks 1/2/3 it effectively adds +2/3/4 to both range and damage.

Trivia[ | ]

As with Derdriu, Scathach is the name of an Irish mythological figure.