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Shieldmaster Statistics
Min – Max Stat
9 – 16 Armor
8 – 13 Strength
3 – 9 Willpower
1 – 2 Exertion
1 – 4 Break
Max total Rank
33 1
34 2
35 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Bring the Pain Return the Favor
Class: Shieldbanger

The Shieldmaster is a promotion of the Shieldbanger. Like the Shieldbanger, his passive is Return the Favor.

Bringthepain icon

Active Ability: Bring the Pain[ | ]

The Shieldmaster strikes an adjacent enemy for armor damage before hunkering down and boosting his passive ability, Return the Favor to return even more armor damage for 1 turn.

By using Bring the Pain, the Shieldmaster can create a forward charge that punishes enemies for ganging up against him.

Rank 1: Normal break attack and +1 to Return the Favor

Rank 2: +1 break attack and +2 to Return the Favor

Rank 3: +2 break attack and +3 to Return the Favor

Lore[ | ]

There was one Varl who even the Dredge recognized and feared, called Steinn. Though he as said to have never killed a single enemy, they ran at the mere sight of him. Those who witnessed the battles say as Steinn waded through their midst, shield and cudgel a vicious blur, Dredge would stumble away battered, bruised and with their fearsome black armor shattered and worthless. The warriors who followed behind found little resistance.