Banner Saga Wiki
Min - Max Stat
9 / 16 Armor.png
8 / 13 Strength.png
3 / 9 Willpower.png
1 / 2 Exertion.png
1 / 4 Break.png
Max total Rank
33 1
34 2
35 3
Move Attack
3 ?
Active Passive
Bring the Pain Return the Favor

The Shieldmaster is a promoted unit from the Shieldbanger. His passive is Return the Favor. He has a base movement range of 3-tiles.

Ability: Bring the Pain

Bring the Pain

The Shieldmaster strikes an adjacent enemy for armor damage before hunkering down and boosting his passive ability, Return the Favor to return even more armor damage for 1 turn.

By using Bring the Pain, the Shieldmaster can create a forward charge that punishes enemies for ganging up against him.

Rank 1: Normal break attack and +1 to Return the Favor

Rank 2: +1 break attack and +2 to Return the Favor

Rank 3: +2 break attack and +3 to Return the Favor

Passive: Return the Favor

A character who attacks a shieldbanger loses 1 point of armor for each strike he makes.

Return the Favor triggers every time the Shieldbanger takes damage from an adjacent enemy, which can make it devastating to hit him with attacks that strike multiple times.