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Siegearcher v0.icon.versus Statistics
Min – Max Stat
4 – 9 Armor
4 – 7 Strength
6 – 13 Willpower
1 – 3 Exertion
0 – 2 Break
Max total Rank
26 1
27 2
28 3
Movement Attack
3 5
Active Passive
Slag and Burn Puncture
Siege Archer
Class: Archer

The Siege Archer is a promotion of the Archer. Like the Archer, her passive ability is Puncture.

Slagandburn icon

Ability: Slag and Burn[ | ]

The Siege Archer targets a tile (not a unit), occupied or not, in her normal attack range of 2-5 tiles. She slags the target-tile and its four adjacent ones and then fires a flaming arrow igniting the 5-tile area and causing an explosion. All units in the 5-tile area, enemies or allies, receive strength damage while the unit occupying the target-tile receives additional armor damage.

After the explosion, burning coals are randomly left on unoccupied tiles of the slagged area. When targeting an unoccupied tile, coals always appear on that central tile. Units who walk over the burning coals take 1 strength damage. The coals burn until the Siege Archer's next turn or until she's killed.

Rank 1: 1 armor damage (target unit), 1 strength damage (all units), leaves up to 2 coals

Rank 2: 2 armor damage (target unit), 1 strength damage (all units), leaves up to 3 coals

Rank 3: 3 armor damage (target unit), 1 strength damage (all units), leaves up to 4 coals

In the first great war when men fought Varl, one of the few things that would keep the giants at bay was to light one's own town on fire in retreat. One brave woman could not bear to rebuid her home for a third time. As Varl advanced yet again, she hoisted a bag of pitch upon her hip and shouted "Fools! It's not our houses they fear!" With fire wrapped around her arrows, she sent the entire front line ablaze and running.