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Aleo abl insult se 172

Skald in-game unit (Aleo)

The Skald (Scandinavian equivalent of Bard) is a base class introduced in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Class Attributes[ | ]

Units belonging to the Skald class have the following attributes:

  • Size: 1x1 tile
  • Movement Range: 4 tiles
  • Attack Range: Melee (1 tile)
  • Passive Ability: Skald's Song (see below)
  • Stats: Similar to human-melee units, like Raiders.

Icon skalds song

Passive Ability: Skald's Song[ | ]

The Skald adds +1 Willpower to all allies if standing within two tiles of an ally who delivers a killing blow. Effective use of this ability will keep your Heroes from tiring in combat, so keeping the Skald in range of other fighters so he can move to them quickly is key.

[ | ]

Two promoted classes stemming from the Skald base class appeared in the second part of The Banner Saga:

  • Poet (Tale Worth Telling ability) → Aleo is the representative Hero of this class.
  • Wanderer (Insult ability) → Sparr is the representative Hero of this class.

Second Ability[ | ]

When promoted to Rank 6, Heroes of the one promoted class gain the ability of the other (there in no option).

Notes & Playstyle[ | ]

  • Always keep the Skald close to the fray, so that he can sing about your Heroes' feats and buff your Party with Willpower.
  • During early development of The Banner Saga 2, the Skald would generate extra Renown for each kill he closely witnessed, instead of giving Willpower to his allies.
  • The Skald base-class has not (yet) been introduced into Factions.