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The village of Skogr, as depicted in The Banner Saga

The descendants of Sten, unable to cultivate good yields or find much fish in the frozen murk of Baa Harbour, nevertheless scratched out a living from the the beasts of the forest, where they erected a stone to Hridvaldyr, patron of hunters.

Skogr is one of the first locations visited in The Banner Saga series. It is the home of Rook, Alette, Iver, Oddleif and Egil, and the village from which they begin their journey.

The Banner Saga[ | ]

Rook and Alette first encounter a lone dredge warrior in the woods surrounding Skogr, forcing them to flee back to the village. Shortly after their return, the village comes under attack by dredge, forcing the villagers to gather and flee to Frostvellr.

Quotes[ | ]

"I never expected to see the dredge with my own eyes. What happened in the north? Already we see more between the trees as we approach our home, and Alette grips my hand tight. We must find Iver."Rook, The Banner Saga, Part One, Chapter 2.