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Skystriker v0.icon.versus Statistics
Min – Max Stat
3 – 9 Armor
4 – 8 Strength
7 – 13 Willpower
1 – 3 Exertion
0 – 1 Break
Max total Rank
26 1
27 2
28 3
Movement Attack
3 5
Active Passive
Rain of Arrows Puncture
Class: Archer

The Skystriker is a promotion of the Archer. Like the Archer, her passive ability is Puncture.

Rainofarrows icon

Active Ability: Rain of Arrows[ | ]

The Skystriker secretly selects an unoccupied tile in a 1-5 tile-range and then fires arrows in the air. If any enemy passes through the trapped tile they are hit by the falling arrows doing normal strength damage and stopping them in their tracks, ending their turn. The falling arrows have 100% chance-to-hit and the damage works together with Puncture, provided that the Skystriker set the trap before she moved.

Rain of Arrows can be used offensively or defensively, protecting allies and/or forcing the opponent to second-guess his or her actions. Smart use of the ability can potentially lock down an entire team.

Rank 1: fires 1 arrow (minimum 1 strength damage)

Rank 2: fires 2 arrows, + 1 strength to the 2nd (minimum 3 strength damage)

Rank 3: fires 3 arrows, + 2 strength to the 3rd (minimum 6 strength damage)

Lore[ | ]

While the warriors below paced furiously in the thick fog, unable to see where the invaders had landed on the shore, a young woman climbed the highest hill. There she flung arrow after arrow, hitting their marks before her allies could even see them advance. The enemy now routed, many lying in heaps before them, they asked her how she had performed such a feat. "Where they had come made no matter," she replied, "Only where they would be."