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Bak master se

Bak with his "wife" Lofn.

Slaughterer is a promoted class stemming from the Spearman base-class, introduced in the second part of The Banner Saga.

  • The active ability of Slaughterer is called Pig Sticker.
  • One Hero belongs to this promoted class, Bak, while two more (Ludin and Tryggvi) gain the ability of this class at Rank 6.
  • Enemy units, e.g. the Krags Pole Man, also have this active ability.
  • Units of this class have not (yet) been introduced in Factions.

Icon pigsticker

Active Ability: Pig Sticker[ | ]

The Slaughterer comes in low and attempts to skewer his target, attacking with a 20% chance to deal a Critical strike, which does double Strength damage.
Allies adjacent to the Slaughterer's target distract him/her, thus increasing the chance for Critical damage.
Rank 1: +10% critical chance per ally adjacent to target
Rank 2: +20% critical chance per ally adjacent to target
Rank 3: +30% critical chance per ally adjacent to target
Unlike Impale, Pig Sticker has the same range as the Spearman's regular attacks (two tiles)
so the Slaughterer has more opportunity to benefit from the adjacency bonus.

Usage Tips[ | ]

Furthermore, the right Items will push your Critical chance even further.