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Sparr is a Hero character encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Sparr.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
10 / 12 Armor
9 / 10 Strength
6 / 10 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
1 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
3 0
Movement Range
Active Passive
Insult Skald's Song
Class: Wanderer

Background[ | ]

Sparr has seen more of the world than most and has more opinions on it than others. He's been with the Ravens longer than any other human which is a testament to both his physical and emotional resolve. Then again, some just think he's too old and stubborn to die.

Through his wit, poetry, and music, Sparr enhances the prowess of the Ravens in distinctive and numerous ways. Possibly through his influence, the Ravens themselves take an interesting approach to music in general. For the Ravens, singing and chanting is seen as a purely martial art. Unlike most of the other characters in the saga, who break into song at each godstone, and during camp, the Ravens only sing when they engage in battle.

Icon insult

Active Ability: Insult[ | ]

The Skald delivers an insult so cutting and personal that the target is literally stunned for a moment and has to pause to collect himself. Insulted enemies move to the last place of the enemy initiative queue. Take care in picking the right target to delay from acting - keep in mind that any persistent effects started by the target will remain until the target's next turn - and even the most powerful enemy will become as harmless as a mouse.

Rank 1: Insult an enemy within 2 tiles

Rank 2: Insult an enemy within 5 tiles

Rank 3: Insult an enemy within 8 tiles

Icon taleworthtelling

Active Ability: Tale Worth Telling[ | ]

  • Sparr gains Aleo's active ability, Tale Worth Telling, as his second when promoted to Rank 6.

The Skald exults his target to feats of strength and heroism. His words buff an ally for 1 round, adding 1 Strength damage for every 2 Strength the enemy is above the target ally (rounded down). The boasts have no effect if the buffed ally attacks an enemy of equal or lower strength, so picking the right target is important.

Rank 1: Buff an ally within 2 tiles

Rank 2: Buff an ally within 4 tiles

Rank 3: Buff an ally within 6 tiles

Tale Worth Telling also adds a 'never-miss' (100% to-hit chance) buff to the Skald's ally, for his next attack.

Example: If the buffed ally is at 2STR and attacks a 15STR/9ARM enemy, the damage done will be 7 with 100% chance, instead of 1 with 30%, plus any Willpower added. In this example, the +6 bonus is calculated as [(15-2)/2]↓.

Icon skalds song

Passive Ability: Skald's Song[ | ]

The Skald adds +1 Willpower to all allies if standing within two tiles of an ally who delivers a killing blow. Effective use of this ability will keep your Heroes from tiring in combat, so keeping the Skald in range of other fighters so he can move to them quickly is key.

Joining the Party[ | ]

Sparr is the longtime companion of Bolverk and the oldest member of his mercenary group, the Ravens. Sparr is available in the Roster of the Ravens caravan from the beginning of Chapter 9.

He is a member of Iver's party from the start of Chapter 17.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

There is an event that can supposedly lead to Sparr's death in Chapter 13, when the Ravens are confronted by a large mass of Dredge. Choosing the first dialogue option will result in Sparr leaving the party with a dozen fighters to divert the dredge's attention as a supposed sacrifice, similar to Mogr at the battle of Ridgehorn. Sparr returns among the stragglers at the Old Ford alone, angry at the dredge for mocking him by disarming him and throwing him into the snow, rather than killing him.

He will be killed in Chapter 21 along with other Ravens if you lose the battle against Bolverk.

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Always keep the Skald close to the fray, so that he can sing about your Heroes' feats and buff your Party.
  • Insult is a very handy ability to manipulate the enemy turn order to your advantage. It is especially useful to guarantee that you get the all-important first hit on enemies with high Strength and low Armor, like Dredge Scourges.

Trivia[ | ]