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Acv godstone stravhs

Image of Stravhs

Notes[ | ]


Dredge paying reverence to Stravhs' godstone as seen towards the end of The Banner Saga.

Not much is revealed about the god Stravhs in-game but it is believed by some NPCs that the god helped to create the race known as the Dredge. Like all of the other gods in the Banner Saga pantheon, Stravhs is believed to be dead. Rook and Juno both visit the godstone towards the end of The Banner Saga. When they arrive at the godstone, a multitude of Dredge are solemnly standing around the godstone as if in paying homage to the god Stravhs.

In-Game Items[ | ]

If you select the correct options at the godstone while playing as Rook, you can receive Stravhs' Whetstone.

Achievements[ | ]

The player will receive the Godstone Stravhs achievement for reaching Stravhs' godstone in The Banner Saga.