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Strongarm Statistics
Min – Max Stat
9 – 15 Armor
9 – 15 Strength
3 – 10 Willpower
0 – 2 Exertion
1 – 2 Break
Max total Rank
33 1
34 2
35 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Battering Ram Return the Favor
Class: Shieldbanger

The Strongarm is a promotion of the Shieldbanger. Like the Shieldbanger, his passive is Return the Favor.

Batteringram icon

Active Ability: Battering Ram[ | ]

The Strongarm smashes into an enemy or ally, knocking them back up to 4 spaces, and pushing them through anyone in the way. Battering Ram does armor damage based on rank and adds 1 more armor damage to the target for each unit they pass through.

The ability can be used on both friend or foe, making it versatile in many situations by changing a unit's position on the board. Ramming a Shieldbanger does not trigger the Return the Favor.

Rank 1: knock back and do 1 armor damage

Rank 2: knock back and do 3 armor damage

Rank 3: knock back and do 5 armor damage

Lore[ | ]

A talented but arrogant young warrior was often heard mocking fellow Varl who would "hide behind a plank". An elderly giant one day challenged him to a duel. Laughing, the warrior accepted. in his first eager rush he was smashed by the veteran's shield so hard that he flew into the air and bounced off a tree, his ribs shattered and skull cracked. As the elder walked past, he was overheard to say "You only had one weapon".