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Here's how first draft looks. I shrinked it from 82px to 72pw (width), so that the gaps between sections weren't so big. That was with the default fonts, so I'm now gonna test it with bigger fonts and proper subsection breaks in each "X y.a." label. Might get rid of the round bullets too, now that I'm at it. There's some special characters symbols that might work, e.g. → or —. Maybe iuliana can make a small image to be used inline for the bullets? (What's wrong with the current bullets? -Iuliana)


> 500 y.a.

  • Loom mother creates the first men.

500 y.a.

  • First Varl created, including most of the varl characters in the games

125 y.a.

  • First Great War Begins
  • Baldringr gifts fire to man
  • Varl pushed back to the Red River
  • Karl switches to the human side
  • Horseborn push into Downs Crossing
  • Birth of the Dredge

100 y.a.

  • Kvig, the last varl, is made
  • First Great War Ends:
  • Death of the Gods
  • Varl-Human Alliance forged
  • Kingdom of Men founded in Arberrang
  • Mender Council formed in Manaharr
  • Kingdom of Varl founded by Einar in Einartoft
  • Karl made Governor of Strand
  • Horseborn dominance established over Dalalond
  • Varl capital moved to Fastisetr
  • Einartoft Bridge constructed
  • Einar steps down. Arnfinnr becomes varl king
  • Varl capital moved to Grofheim
  • Strom’s Rebellion. Kingdom of Rundwall and Kingdom of Stromlund founded.

80 y.a.

  • Arnfinnr steps down, Skrymir becomes varl king.
  • Setterlund starts being settled, Sten founds Skogr
  • Tin discovers the southern source of the Ormsa river
  • Skrymirstead founded
  • Strom dies
  • Gunnulf is gifted his current broadsword
  • Kingdom of Men re-founded. Stromlund and Setterlund begin reunification with Rundwall.
  • Theft and Slaughter of Horses

60 y.a.

  • Horseborn withdraw from other races
  • Sundr emerge, Second Great War Begins
  • Skymir dies. Throstr becomes varl king and obtains the Gift of Hadrborg.
  • Yngvar slays Raze and child
  • Mender's defeat the Sundr
  • Second Great War Ends:
  • Dredge massacred/banished into the caves of Valkajokull
  • Yngvar refuses Throstr's kendrship, disappears
  • Varl capital moved to Blotsbalkr
  • Throstr dies mysteriously, Jorundr becomes varl king.
  • Meinolf becomes King of Men
  • Rook is born

40 y.a.

  • Varl capital moved to Grofheim
  • Iver appears in Skogr
  • Alette is born
  • Aldis dies.
  • Events of The Gift of Hadrborg
  • Ludin sent to Grofheim. Varl-Human alliance reforged

0 y.a.

  • The Sun stops


It's official timeline? If yes, you would have the source? --Gwynbleidds (talk) 12:22, 29 April 2018 (UTC)