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The Banner Saga: Factions (or simply Factions) is the premiere multiplayer role-playing strategy game on PC and Mac. It brings the feeling of beloved tactical games to a high-definition era with gorgeous hand-animated artwork and a degree of depth unprecedented in the realm of free games. Fight, learn, and lead your clan of vikings to glory!

The turn-based multi-player combat component was released on Steam as a free standalone game, called The Banner Saga: Factions, prior to the release of the single-player game. Factions became available to Kickstarter backers on February 18th 2013 and then to the rest of the public on February 25th. The game allows players to pick a team of six combatants, chosen from between 16 classes, and fight against other players online. The goal is to defeat all six of the enemy team units.

For more information about Factions, check the Getting Started Guide.

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