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For a comprehensive list of all the characters, Heroes and NPC, encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga, please refer to the following pages:

Characters Preview[ | ]

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  • Folka - This brawny shieldmaiden has impressed Bolverk, the Ravens’ leader, with her fighting prowess and ability to shape the mercenaries into a more cohesive unit. She tempers Bolverk’s raging offense with cautionary counsel and actually listens to other members of the Ravens - a new concept in their loose management.
  • Oli - A Raven mercenary who excels at three things: drinking, swearing, and throwing axes.
  • Nikels - Energetic and dedicated, Nikels is a naturally gifted mender willing to help any way he can. Under the tutelage of Valka Zefr, Nikels is learning more about the world on their travels than he ever did in the Tower of Manaharr.
  • Canary - The largest tribe of horseborn - the only tribe seen by most humans in this age - is led by this slender, charismatic warrior. She is eager to learn what she can of humans, varl, dredge, and all the ways of the world as it currently stands. Though her actual name is Cainánóiridhe, humans and varl cannot even begin to pronounce it.
  • Dagr - Not much is known about Governor Rugga’s bodyguard, including whether the man can even speak. He’s deadly with a blade and does what he’s told which is exactly what keeps him employed.