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The Godstones are giant rocks engraved with ancient carvings on their flattened faces. Each one of them is dedicated to one of the, now dead, gods. However, it feels like the Godstones still maintain some of their namesake god's power. Be sure to closely examine them and open yourself to their 'meaning' and, who knows, maybe the stone will bestow its god's favor upon you.

Godstones List[ | ]

Here are the Godstones encountered by the Skogr and Ravens caravans, in the second part of The Banner Saga, by order of appearance:

Items found at the Godstones[ | ]

Following the 'tradition' of the first game, there is usually an item to be found when visiting a Godstone. Below follows a list of the items found, along with their descriptions. The combat bonuses given by these items are usually related to the 'aspect' of each god.

Godstone Item Description Effects How to get the item
Aselei Aselei's Trail Festival beads remind you of the families and traditions at stake. +2WIL; +2STR Pay your respects or help pull the ropes attached to the godstone.
Irynx Pipe Plant You can't help but feel calmed by the sprouting plant in the bowl of this broken pipe. +3WIL On Rest; +1ARM On Rest; +WIL Investigate the damage you (Bolverk) once caused to the godstone.
Baldringr Fallow's Rebirth The small skull of a kragsman infant tied with a golden ribbon supposedly wards away death. Defy Death if >1STR; -3ARM; +35% Dodge Get attacked by Kragsmen and successfully defeat them.
Vez'nan Gem of Vez'nan The defiled tear of a god which corrupts the heart of the bearer +3 STR Talents; +20% Crit; +2STR; -4WIL Let the miners/craftsmen perform their work, unperturbed.
Geirraðr Brenna's Lock There are those who carry summer with them wherever they go. +1 ALL Talents; +2WIL; +1WIL On Rest. Clean and investigate the godstone.
Bygglaerer Tool of Scyldings A poorly designed jeweler's hammer makes for a brilliant, unexpected addition to a fighter's arsenal. +2 BRK Talens; +30% Crit; +1 Range Destroy what the children are building and scare them away.
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