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The races populating the part of the world of The Banner Saga 2 explored in the second installment of the game are three:

ConceptArt Races1

Adding variety to the world was always our plan, however after listening to our community we increased our plan. From an entire new race of Horseborn, powerful bears, creepy skulkers, new humans, new clans, and new bosses, you will get to experience a lot more in battle, encounters and while traveling the dangerous roads.

Evidence of the existence of a fourth race, the Horseborn, who are a cross-breed between humans and horses (or ponies) was revealed in early concept art. They resemble the Greek mythological creatures called Centaurs. Horseborn inhabit the southern regions of the world and are inferred to be generally shy of the other races and somehow related to the overall scarcity of domesticated horses.