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Icon Name Description
Acv 3 finish strong
Finish Strong Complete the game on Hard difficulty level without losing a single battle.
Acv 3 bat out of hel
Bat out of Hel Complete Chapter 21 with only one return to Arberrang.
Hard Difficulty Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Guided Complete the game with all possible heroes still alive.
Double Blind Put an end to the warped Sundr.
Normal Difficulty Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
We Made It Reunite separated family.
The Saga Concludes Import Save Game from Banner Saga 2.
Looter Defeat the final wave of every wave battle in the game.
Warmonger Fight at least 30 battles in a single playthrough.
Keep It Together Finish the game with Hakon and Canary allied to you.
I'm Being Repressed Now we see the violence inherent in the system.
Worse for Wear Keep Folka from losing her head over Bolverk.
Journey's End See Rook or Alette safely to the end of the Saga.
Witch Defeat 3 enemies with Alfrun.
Scrivener Defeat 3 enemies with Ubin.
Bastion Defeat 3 enemies with Bastion.
Apostate Defeat 3 enemies with Apostate.
Castaway Defeat 3 enemies with Castaway.
Ruined Defeat Ruin on the battlefield.
Rings a Bell Fail to learn your lesson the first time.
Godstone Denglr Redux Return to the godstone Denglr.
Godstone Dredge Visit the godstone of the dredge.
Pass It On Pass Juno's Weaved Energy buff 4 times before it expires.
Pacified Put Bolverk to rest once and for all.
Talk It Out Convince Eyvind to do the right thing.
AKA Award a heroic title.
Living Legend Promote a hero to rank 15
Scrape By Complete the game with both caravans alive, but fewer than 16 characters.
Came a Long Way Reach the end of Chapter 20 with 300 clansmen.
Passive Aggressive Use items and heroic titles to have 3 passive abilities on one character.
An Honored Guest Spoke with King Meinolf in Chapter 16.
Which Witch Alfrun joined the caravan.
Horseborn Rampage Minimized casualties during 'disagreement' over horseborn.
Bromance Put Gudmundr and Petrus into battle together 5 times.
Poetic Justice Listen to Aleo's recitation.
Sole Survivor Juno wanders alone for all eternity.
Shortcut Arrive safely at Ridgehorn.
Eww Salvage a treasure trove in the darkness.
Good Listener Talk to at least 15 allies in Arberrang and the darkness.
Thin Ice Survive the trek across the frozen sea.
Dredge Lover End the game with all possible playable dredge alive.
Dredge Slayer Leave no dredge alive.
Peace Offering Make peace with the enemy for the greater good.
Shipped Accept the proposition.
Restless Never let the Ravens stop for rest.
Trapped Trap 2 enemies in sinkholes.
Fighting to Live Successfully hold out to the bitter end.
Mixed Martial Arts Win a battle with at least one human, horseborn, varl and dredge in the fight.
Young Love Do you like me? O-yes / O-no
Krumr’s Mentor Survive Hard Mode without a single reload.
Make it Count Survive in less than 500 turns for your total turns (Normal or Hard).
Zefr’s Wind Survive in less than 200 minutes for your total turns (Normal or Hard).
Together or Not At All Survive without a single Hero dying (Normal or Hard).
A Fallen Few Survive with fewer than 20 Heroes dying (Normal or Hard).
The Berserk Survive all battles on Hard.
Just Some Fantasy Survive all battles only using Varl, Horseborn, or Dredge Heroes.
Empty Satchel Survive without using any items.
The Wave Breaker Survive every extra wave in a wave battle (Normal or Hard).
The Professional Survive all battles on Normal.
The Skirmisher Survive all battles on Easy.
Lovers in a Dangerous Warped Time Survive with Alette & Egil, Rook & Oddleif, or Juno & Eyvind in every battle (Normal or Hard).