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"Skalds sing the names not of simple people, but of the legends they have become."

Heroic titles are a new feature of The Banner Saga 3 that can be awarded to any hero after reaching Rank 11. Heroic titles give unique stat bonuses and are available to all classes, specializing the hero further towards a preferred playstyle. There is 19 titles in total, and each can only be given to a single hero.

Titles have their own Rank (1-5), independently of the current rank of the hero. Titles start at Rank 1 and require 45 Renown in total to reach the maximum rank (5).

List of heroic titles[ | ]

Below follows a list of all the titles available in the third part of The Banner Saga, ordered by default as they appear in-game.

Note: All titles are available from the start except five of them which are exclusive to Pre-order/Legendary Edition owners and Kickstarter backers. This includes the Shield Cleaver (Pre-order), Shadow Walker (Legendary Edition), and the Granite One / Dredge Breaker / Wanderer (Kickstarter rewards) heroic titles.

Name Description Stat bonuses (Rank 5) Notes
Bloodletter "To feel ones life ebb away slowly is the misfortune of those who face the Bloodletter." 3 STR Damage over time on hit, lasts 2 rounds
Death's Messenger "If Death's Messenger's first blow doesn't fell the enemy, the second surely will." +5 DMG on consecutive attack to same enemy
Dredge Breaker "In the past the title of Dredge Breaker would only be bestowed upon a fierce varl warrior, but these are strange times." +3 DMG, +3 DMG Resist vs. dredge, +2 ARM Kickstarter reward
Monster Killer "The Monster Killer takes a savage satisfaction in death, driven by the intoxicating bloodlust of battle." +3 WIL & +2 STR on kill
Oath-Maker "The Oath-Maker is determined to the point of zealotry. Others may question the fanaticism, but not the results." +2 WIL, +1 WIL & ARM Regen, +20% CRIT
Shadow Walker "The Shadow Walker moves through the chaos of combat the way others move across an empty room." +2 MOV, +20% Dodge, move through allies Legendary Edition reward
Shield Cleaver "Their first and last mistake was thinking that they'd be safe behind a piece of wood or iron." +2 BRK, +2 DMG, never miss Pre-order reward
Foolish "Some shake their heads in disbelief that The Foolish still lives. But where does one draw the line between bravery and foolishness?" +3 STR, -1 ARM, +20% CRIT per adjacent enemy
Forsaken "The Forsaken stands alone, drawing strength from their very lack of companions and allies." +2 DMG, +30% CRIT & never miss with no adjacent allies
Granite One "Amongst the dredge the strength of stone is revered. So it is for the one bestowed the title of Granite One." +2 ARM, +1 STR Resist, splinter enemy armor, +1 ARM Regen Kickstarter reward
Mountain "All tremble before The Mountain, who wades into battle and leaves destruction in the wake." +1 ARM, +2 STR, +1 ARM & STR Resist
Unbent "In the face of crushing opposition, the Unbent becomes even more determined to stand tall." +1 WIL Resist, +2 STR Resist, +2 ARM Resist
Unmoved "They say no mortal man has ever shaken loose The Unmoved, once stubbornly set upon a spot." +2 STR, +2 ARM, +1 STR Resist
Whisper "It is claimed that The Whisper has no life left for mere steel to claim." Much less aggro, +2 MOV, +30% Dodge
Twice-Born "Death seems to hold no sway over the infamous Twice-Born, who turns aside killing blows as others do a child's." Recover from KO with 5 ARM, STR & WIL
Wanderer "Many desire wealth or power, but some seek only to see the world around them. Not all who wander are lost." +4 MOV, +1 WIL, move through allies Kickstarter reward
Wolf "The Wolf seems to stalk the battlefield, to the dismay of any enemy who might overlook them." +2 MOV, +2 DMG, much less aggro
Hopeful "Not all strength is measured by who can swing the heaviest weapon." Adjacent allies +2 ARM, +2 STR Attaks & +3 WIL
Last Standing "It's a bittersweet fate to be the last standing on the battlefield, but no greater rush." +3 ARM, +1 ARM Regen, never injured after KO

Comparison Table[ | ]

This sortable table summarizes the properties of all heroic titles introduced in The Banner Saga 3. Check below the table for the property explanations and other useful information.

Name   Stats   DMG BRK  Resist   Regen    /Kill   Aggr %Crit %Dodg Other Passive / Condition
Bloodletter 3 DOT@2
Death's Messenger +5* ...on consecutive attack to same enemy
Dredge Breaker 2 (0/2/0) +3* 3* (3/0/0) ...versus dredge
Monster Killer 5 (2/0/3)
Oath-Maker 2 (0/0/2) 2 (0/1/1) +20%
Shadow Walker +20% +2 MOV Light Step
Shield Cleaver +2 +2 Never miss
Foolish 2 (3/1/0) +20%* ...per adjacent enemy
Forsaken +2* +30%* Never miss* ...when no adjacent ally
Granite One 2 (0/2/0) 1 (1/0/0) 1 (0/1/0) Splinter enemy armor
Mountain 3 (2/1/0) 2 (1/1/0)
Unbent 5 (2/2/1)
Unmoved 4 (2/2/0) 1 (1/0/0)
Whisper -2 +30% +2 MOV
Twice-Born Recover from KO with 5 ARM, STR & WIL
Wanderer 1 (0/0/1) +4 MOV Light Step
Wolf +2 -2 +2 MOV
Hopeful 5*(0/2/3) +2* all adjacent allies
Last Standing 3 (0/3/0) 1 (0/1/0) Never injured after battle

Titles Properties Explanation[ | ]

  • Stats: Bonus to the three basic stats, Strength/Armor/Willpower. ARM and WIL can also get penalty.
  • DMG: Bonus to Strength Damage. Does not increase the health of the hero.
  • BRK: Bonus to Armor-Break, the special non-depletable stat, unlike the previous three.
  • Resist: Divert points of incoming STR/ARM/WIL damage of any source.
  • Regen: Bonus to the three replenishable stats (STR/ARM/WIL) given at the end of each turn of the hero.
  • /Kill: Bonus to STR/ARM/WIL granted each time the hero kills an enemy unit.
  • Aggr: Modifier to the aggression the hero receives from enemy units (AI-related parameter). Can also be positive (penalty).
  • %Crit: Chance to cause Critical (double) Strength damage.
  • %Dodg: Chance to Dodge an incoming Strength attack, i.e. completely avoid its damage.
  • Other: Special properties not falling into any of the above categories.
    • X DOT@2: Inflict X Damage over time at the beginning of the target's turn for 2 turns. Similar to Poison.
    • +X MOV: Increase Movement range by X tiles. Can also be negative (penalty).
  • Passive/Condition: Passive ability given to the character or Condition for some or all of the stat bonuses to take effect (the ones with an asterisk).