Banner Saga Wiki

Items in The Banner Saga 3 will aid your heroes in their battles by granting bonuses, passive abilities and sometimes small penalties as well.

Every item has a Rank (1-15), designating the magnitude of the powers granted. Each hero can equip only one item, of the same or lower Rank as his/hers. Items can be:

  • found (usually at godstones) or granted as rewards for accomplishments,
  • brought by Heroes who join the caravan,
  • purchased in Markets by spending Renown,
  • dropped as 'loot' for defeating the boss in Wave battles,
  • pre-order, DLC and Kickstarter perks,
  • console exclusives.

You cannot sell items at Markets or otherwise discard them. However, when Heroes are killed or leave, the items they had equipped are removed from your caravan.

List of items[ | ]

Below follows a gallery/list of all the new items available in the third part of The Banner Saga, ordered by rank and then alphabetically; click on any of them for more information. The in-game color of the name of each item is coded to its rank: grey = 1-2, green = 3-4, blue = 5-6, purple = 7-8, red = 9-10, cyan = 11-15.


  • Multiple items from the second part of The Banner Saga will also randomly spawn at Marketplaces.
  • The Marketplace Renown cost is twice the Rank of the item, up to Rank 10 at which point all items cost 20 renown.
  • In battle, fighting through all the waves before time expires will earn you a rare item. This item can either be unique, or a high-rank item normally found in Marketplaces.

Comparison Table[ | ]

This sortable table summarizes the properties of all new items introduced in the third part of The Banner Saga. Check below the table for the property explanations and other useful information.

Item Properties Acquirement
Name Rank Stats BRK Talent /Turn /Rest Aggr %Crit %Dodg %Dvrt Resist Passive Other Means
Bride's Bangle 1 15% 1 (0/1) Reward (Switch)
Coveted Scepter 3 15% Never miss Reward (Switch)
Isradel's Night 7 1 (1/0) -2 30% Reward (Switch)
Tryggvi's Necklace (BS3) 8 15:33333 20% Quest (Ch18)
Gold Wasp 9 3 (0/0/3) +1 1 Poison STR attack Mov+3 Reward (Deluxe Edition)
Meinolf's Armband 9 6:33000 +1 2 (1/1) Quest (Ch16)
Troll Ward 9 1 (0/1) -2 Embolden Mov+2; Reward (Kickstarter)
Waywrights Amulet 9 3:00030 -1 Mov+2 Battle (Ch17)
Gerradr's Advice 10 15:33333 2 (0/2) Never miss Market
Horn of Lichbaen 10 3 Att+2;Rng+1 Reward (Bonus Edition)
Mala Prayer Beads 10 2 (2/0) 25% 2 (0/2) Never miss Quest (Ch21)
Petrie Clan Ring 10 3 (0/3/0) +3 3 (0/3) Free Roam Mov-2 Reward (Legendary Edition)
Sculptor's Tools 10 1ARM/turn adj. allies Hero (Kivi)
Swallow Ornament 10 3:00300 1 (0/1) Shield Wall Market
Harlaugr 11 2 (0/0/2) 6:03300 2 (0/2) Market
Horn of Toivonen 11 1 (0/0/1) 1 (0/1) Skald's Song KB@3 Battle (Ch19)
Last Stand 11 30% Att+2;10% miss Str Reward (Kickstarter)
Little Fang 11 10% Puncture Att+2; Market
The Forgotten 11 1 (0/0/1) 2:00002 Light Step Rng+1;Mov+1 Battle (Ch21)
Death's Toll 12 3 +2 20% Heavy Impact Reward (Kickstarter)
Gosens Necklace 12 2 (0/2/0) 40% Battle (Ch21)
Jeweled Petal Ring 12 3 (0/0/3) 1 2:00020 1 (0/1) Puncture Battle (Ch19)
Meadspring Bottle 12 2 (1/1) 1 (1/0) Atk-2;Defy@1 Battle (Ch18)
Vena Doll 12 30% 30% Free Roam Never miss Market
Weaver's Ward 12 4 (2/2) Shield Wall Defy@1 Reward (Kickstarter)
Coin Bracelet 13 4 30% Return the Favor Mov-2 Godstone (Denglr Redux)
Dredge Clapper 13 3 3:03000 +2 KB@3;Att+3 Godstone (Dredge)
Gold-boar Tusk 13 3 1 (0/1) Mov-1;20% miss Str;Att+3 Quest (Ch19)
Ringmother 14 15:33333 +2 20% 20% 1 (0/1) Mov-1;Att+3 Quest (Ch21)
Warrior's Beret 14 10:22222 +2 50% Light Step Never miss Market
Brass Ocarina 15 3 4 (2/2) +3 Hit and Run Mov+2 Battle (Ch21)
Name Rank Stats BRK Talent /Turn /Rest Aggr %Crit %Dodg %Dvrt Resist Passive Other Means

Item Properties Explanation[ | ]

  • Stats: Bonus to the three basic stats, Armor/Strength/Willpower. ARM and WIL can also get penalty.
  • BRK: Bonus to Armor-Break, the special non-depletable stat, unlike the previous three.
  • Talent: Bonus to Ranks of the five Talents, ARM/STR/WIL/EXE/BRK. For example, '15:12345' means that the item grants +{1,2,3,4,5} Ranks to {ARM,STR,WIL,EXE,BRK} Talents, respectively, which sums in (up to) +15 Ranks.
  • /Turn: Bonus to the two replenishable stats (ARM/WIL) given at the end of each turn of the hero. Similar to Regeneration.
  • /Rest: Bonus to the two replenishable stats (ARM/WIL) given when the hero Rests during his turn.
  • Aggr: Modifier to the aggression the hero receives from enemy units (AI-related parameter). Can also be positive (penalty).
  • %Crit: Chance to cause Critical (double) Strength damage.
  • %Dodg: Chance to Dodge an incoming Strength attack, i.e. completely avoid its damage.
  • %Dvrt: Chance to Divert an incoming Armor attack, i.e. completely avoid Break damage.
  • Other: Special properties not falling into any of the above categories.
    • KB@X: Attacked units are knocked-back (moved) up to 4 tiles, if they suffer Strength damage of X or more. Note: If the Knockback happens during the target's move phase, the rest of its Turn is forfeited.
    • Res-X: Resist X points of incoming Strength damage of any source.
    • Dmg+X: Add X to Strength damage delivered to target(s).
    • Att+X: Add X to effective Strength, i.e. only for the purpose of calculating attack damage (and hit-chance). Can also be negative (penalty).
    • Defy@X: Hero avoids knock-out from any attack unless remaining Strength is X, or less.
    • Mov+X: Movement range is increased by X. Can also be negative (penalty).
    • Rng+X: Ranged-attack range is increased by X. Does not apply to melee and spear-wielding units. Does not apply to the range of any active abilities.
  • Acquirement Means: Where can the item be found. Some items found in Godstones or Quests can also be purchased from Markets.