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As of Summer 2018, three stand-alone video games set in the world of The Banner Saga have been released:

  • The Banner Saga: Factions — Released March 2013 — Free, online multiplayer (PvP).
  • The Banner Saga (Part 1) — Released January 2014 — Paid, single-player, first part of planned trilogy.
  • The Banner Saga 2 (or Saga 2) — Released April 2016 — Paid, single-player, second (middle) part of the trilogy.
  • The Banner Saga 3 (or Saga 3) — Release July 2018 — Paid, single-player, third and final part of the trilogy.

There is also a tabletop miniature board game in the franchise

This article principally refers to the single-player game trilogy and usually to its first part, often referred to as The Banner Saga (without a number) which should not be confused with the entire trilogy.

Overview[ | ]

Game Type First Release Available Platforms
Windows PC MacOS Mobile Console
Factions free; online; PVP March 2013 Steam Steam - -
Saga 1 paid; single-player January 2014 Steam, GOG Steam, GOG iOS, Android PS4, XB1, Switch
Saga 2 paid; single-player April 2016 Steam, GOG Steam, GOG iOS, Android PS4, XB1, Switch
Saga 3 paid; single-player July 2018 Steam, GOG Steam, GOG ? PS4, XB1, Switch

Websites[ | ]

Here is a list of websites to purchase/play The Banner Saga video games. System requirements for each platform can be found therein.

  • Steam (Windows & Mac)
Saga 1
Saga 2
Saga 3 -- Preorder
  • (Windows & Mac)
Saga 1
Saga 2
Saga 3 -- Preorder
  • SONY Playstation Store (PS4)
Saga 1 - (Note: Vita port cancelled [as of July 2017]).
Saga 2
  • Microsoft Store (Xbox One)
Saga 1
Saga 2
Saga 3
  • AppStore/iTunes (iOS)
Saga 1
Saga 2
  • Google Play (Android)
Saga 1
Saga 2
  • Nintendo (Switch)
Saga 1
Saga 2
Saga 3 -- Prepurchase

Generic Information[ | ]

  • DRM-Free, and available on PC and Mac
Not another generic fantasy: Drawing heavily from Norse culture while creating its own identity and mythology, The Banner Saga takes a low-fantasy approach to viking themes. Giants: yes. Horned helmets: no.
  • Strategic combat
Recruit a large Roster of unique characters throughout the story, each with different abilities that interact in combat in a deeply tactical way and personalities of their own. The Banner Saga harkens back to classic turn-based gameplay with a strong emphasis on tactics over brute force and endless grinding.
  • Travel across gorgeous landscapes
The choices you make as events arise have a huge affect on how the story plays out- who survives, who dies, and what's worth saving. Add people to your caravan as you travel, or lose them when tough decisions arise. You're not just fighting to save nameless strangers, you're fighting for your neighbors, your family and your way of life. We want you to care what happens to them.
  • An emphasis on story
Your choices in dialogue and throughout the game truly affect the story and the people around you. A mature story for adults means forming relationships and making tough decisions; not sex, violence and swearing.
  • Play online
Though the single-player campaign is our focus, The Banner Saga: Factions provides a deep multiplayer game; build a unique party of characters and battle friends and enemies in multiplayer combat. Upgrade your party over time and devise new strategies.
  • Risk in gameplay
A lot of modern games play it safe- you know you'll defeat the evil and save the day. In The Banner Saga you can't take anything for granted. We want it to feel like a good TV mini-series; the world doesn't revolve around you, it's about how you deal with change.

Kickstarter[ | ]

The first and third parts of The Banner Saga have been successfully crowd-funded through Kickstarter. Refer to the following links for details on the campaigns (FAQs etc. can be found therein):