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The Godstones are giant rocks engraved with ancient carvings on their flattened faces. Each one of them is dedicated to one of the (now dead) gods. However, it feels like the Godstones still maintain some of their namesake god's mysterious powers. Be sure to closely examine them and open yourself to their 'meaning' and, who knows, maybe the stone will bestow its god's favor upon you.

Godstones List[ | ]

Below follows a list of the Godstones that your caravans will encounter along their journeys, during the first part of The Banner Saga. They are listed in order of appearance, with a brief description. The first time you visit a Godstone, you will unlock the respective achievement.

Godstone Icon Description
Hridvaldyr Hridvaldyr Icon The godstone looms overhead, the massive eyes of Hridvaldyr looking far off. The weathered stone doesn't see many visitors. Not much reason to travel this far east, into the wild forests. When hunters come through they sometimes stop to give offerings, out of habit more than anything else now that the gods are dead. Hridvaldyr was the god of hunters and of wild beasts, a master of the surrounding woods, occasionally seen roaming the land as both man and wolf. He was always depicted in effigy with his terrible spear.
Denglr Denglr Icon The godstone, looming overhead, gives off an ancient sense of being watched over, in a comforting way. Denglr was always the favorites amongst men. God of Good Fortune. They believed he brought luck, wealth, or whatever other wish you had, but couldn't get on your own. The word "fortune" has a lot of meanings.
Radormyr Radormyr Icon Nobody can really agree on what Radormyr looked like, as fond as he was of his own isolation. He never directly contacted humanity. Most think he was a serpent that lived in the sun and it's not uncommon to hear speak of seeing the tail of a great creature slipping through the thin clouds on a sunny day. Radormyr was always one of the lucky gods, the kind who people thanked for good weather, healthy livestock and a good harvest. Despite all that, the biggest mystery has always been how his godstone came to be found at the bottom of a dried-out lake.
Marek Marek Icon The godstone of Marek looms into view, upon it carved a great ocean beast. Jagged stones jut out of the snow like shark fins. It's hard to imagine the Nordfelling Wastes being filled with water at one time, but the godstone stands as a reminder of the vast lake it used to look across.
Hadrborg Hadrborg Icon The little you know about Hadrborg is that he was a disciple of the Loom Mother, and learned to create under her guidance. He created a few beasts but soon became bored with simple animals and began combining man and beast, ending up with the Varl. That's the myth anyway. One thing is certain, each Varl alive today was created by Hadrborg, and now the god is dead. The Varl here now are the last ones that will ever exist.
Dundr Dundr Icon Along each strand of Dundr's massive beard is carved a different part of his story, and you turn your head to and fro to read it. While the Loom-mother was the first to create, she soon found a counterpart in Dundr, who embodied her ideals in a masculine form. Dundr took some of her creations and gave them beards and showed them the secrets of smithing, though many remember him just as fondly for teaching them games and songs of mirth.
Ingrid Ingrid Icon Ingrid's godstone is carved with ancient runes which don't make much sense to you, though Eyvind tells you some of the menders have deciphered them. It's how the menders learned the language of the gods. Past the largest stone a long series of slabs contain more writing all the way down the hill. The odd thing, he tells you, is that the writing occasionally changes depending on who is reading it. Usually it describes the history of the gods but it can be about nearly any topic.
Bjorulf Acv godstone bjorulf Looking up at the godstone, one can see Bjorulf's head surrounded by images of casks and drinking horns. Though he was always depicted as being stern, Bjorulf was one of the most popular gods of men and Varl; the one who taught them how to brew. It seems like more than coincidence that the long fields around Bjorulf's stone have always been excellent for growing anything one could need for a good drink.
Stravhs Acv godstone stravhs Few know the godstone of Stravhs exists, even amongst those who have lived their whole lives in Boersgard. It stands on a cliff edge with a sudden drop behind it. The gales have worn away the black stone, but there is silvery metal embedded on the rock face that endures the weather. The god Stravhs is wreathed by imagery of silver weapons. The myths say he traded these weapons to the gods, and they used them to kill each other. While Denglr deals in fortune, Stravhs taught men the value of trade in a different way: he showed them it has consequence, two sides of the same coin. Those who seek out the stone call Stravhs the god of trade while the Menders call him the god of secrets.

In-Game Screenshots[ | ]

This is how the Godstones looked like when Rook's and Hakon's caravan visited them.

Items found at the Godstones[ | ]

Below follows a list of the items found at the Godstones, along with their descriptions and how they can be discovered. The combat bonuses given by these items are related to the 'aspect' of each god.

Godstone Item Description
Hridvaldyr Bjarken Rune Gives the wearer a chance to avoid damage (Dodge). Is given by a child-refugee of Skogr, for helping her family escape the destruction of the village.
Denglr Five Ring Necklace Bestows a number of small stat-bonuses upon the wearer, but also attracts enemies (Aggro). Is found on the body of a dead merchant, whose relative asked you to return him this necklace.
Radormyr Gullinfyri Gives the wearer a chance to cause more damage (Critical). Is given as a gift from worshipers, only if Rook takes part in a ritual involving drinking a fiery potion.
Marek Godscale Increases the Armor of the wearer, but also attracts enemies (Aggro). Is made by members of the caravan, from a large number of fish-like scales found at the vicinity of the godstone.
Hadrborg Farthingjörd Increases the Armor Break of the wearer. Is given by Krumr who claims it used to belong to Iver, if you take time to inspect the Godstone of the "Father of the Varl".
Dundr Puzzle box of the Twin Rivers Considerably increases the Willpower of the wearer. Is found if you try to solve the riddle along with the caravan's children, but don't exhaust yourself in the effort.
Ingrid Vadrun Silver Brooch Reduces damage suffered by the wearer (Deflect). Is found on the wrappings of the Dredge baby lying in its dead mother's hands by the Godstone.
Bjorulf Tistelberry Increases the Willpower of the wearer, when he/she rests. Is found by Hogun near the Godstone, if you assist him in trying to gather fruit.
Stravhs Stravhs' Whetstone Gives the wearer a considerable chance to cause more damage (Critical). Is found at the top of the Godstone, if Rook attempts to dislodge a second metal part.