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The Horn
And the through the air resounded the echo of dread…the horn blared eerily…a grim reminder of friend or foe vanquished underfoot.

The Horn is a greater magical item that your team is by default equipped with during Battles. It can be seen as the ornate horn hanging at the top of your battle screen. The feat of killing/knocking out an enemy unit fills the horn with one charge, seen as a yellow star that lights up from left to right. To use the horn, click on the big star 'button' on the left near the bell of the horn. If it is already charged with at least one star, you should hear its deep sound and you active character will see his Willpower increased by 1 point.

Notes[ | ]

  • Each character can use the Horn as many times as he likes during his active turn, before or after moving.
  • A character's Willpower can not exceed his/her maximum Willpower.
  • The Horn can hold up to five Willpower charges.
  • In Factions (online PvP game), the number in the peddle hanging above the Horn represents the charges available in the opponent's horn.
  • In The Banner Saga (single-player game), the face on the peddle hanging above the Horn represents your caravan's Morale, that affects the starting Willpower of your Heroes.

Willpower Management[ | ]

  • From a strategic viewpoint, the Horn gives an incentive to kill enemy units, replenishing your heroes' Willpower. Those extra points might not seem really important, but they can make the difference between victory and defeat, especially in tight competitive Factions matches.
  • In Factions, where each team has six units, the maximum horn capacity can never be exceeded. However, in the Saga, where the enemy team might have more than five units, you should be aware that if the Horn is already full extra kills will not further charge the Horn. To avoid this, make sure you draw Willpower from the Horn before killing any more enemies.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Horn is called a 'greater' magic item, in contrast to 'regular' magic items, i.e. the ones encountered in the Saga.
  • According to the developers, in the future, there will be different Horns will have various 'benefits' that will be activated using similar charges.