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Thrasher Statistics
Min – Max Stat
5 – 11 Armor
8 – 12 Strength
3 – 13 Willpower
1 – 3 Exertion
1 – 2 Break
Max total Rank
29 1
30 2
31 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Bloody Flail Shield Wall
Class: Raider

The Thrasher is a promotion of the Raider. Like the Raider, his passive ability is Shield Wall.

Bloodyflail icon

Active Ability: Bloody Flail[ | ]

The Thrasher strikes multiple times, randomly hitting his opponent for 1 strength or 1 armor damage. On the last hit, Bloody Flail does damage equal to 1 plus 1 for each ally standing adjacent to him. This last hit will randomly damage strength, armor, or miss completely!

Bloody Flail does direct damage, making it useful even when the Thrasher is near death. For this reason it also does a great job of taking out wounded enemies who still have a lot of armor by bypassing it completely.

Rank 1: 4 strikes total (3-7 damage)

Rank 2: 5 strikes total (4-8 damage)

Rank 3: 6 strikes total (5-9 damage)

Lore[ | ]

See that one? Not the one you thought I'd pick, is it? Look carefully at his face; that's not confidence, that's a man who loathed all things and everyone so much that even his anger has fled in fear. Push his back to the wall and he won't stop swinging until everything in sight is lying in pieces and his tunic hangs heavy, soaked in blood. Want to make it out of this alive? Stay away from that one." -Klintr Turtle-back