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Tracker is a promoted class stemming from the Landsman base-class, introduced in the second part of The Banner Saga.

  • The active ability of the Tracker is called... Track. You didn't expect that, did you?
  • One Hero belongs to this promoted class, Dytch, whereas Eirik gains Track ability when he is Promoted Rank 6.
  • Units of this class have not (yet) been introduced in Factions.
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Active Ability: Track[ | ]

Ducking and weaving among his allies, the Tracker becomes invisible to his enemies. He waits for the right moment and finds his target's most vulnerable spot before attacking.

The effect of the invisibility disappears the instant the Tracker deals damage, so picking the correct target is critical and will change the entire balance of batle.

Rank 1: Ignore 3 armor

Rank 2: Ignore 6 armor

Rank 3: Ignore 9 armor


  • With how invisibility currently works, Track can also be used to make turn-ending blockers: When an AI-controlled enemy unit walks into the tile occupied by the (invisible) Tracker, it stops and ends its turn without the invisibility being dispelled.
  • The Tracker should be carefully deployed to avoid getting maimed, ruining his advantage. Turning him invisible early in the battle is the best practice.