Banner Saga Wiki

Morale[ | ]

Morale effects combat, with bonus willpower with high morale, or lowered willpower vice versa.

Supplies[ | ]

Population will decline without supplies and will effect morale. You're able to buy more supplies with renown, which comes at a huge cost to losing out on important items, or encouraging heroes to join you.

Population[ | ]

You'll meet and converse with different people in different areas and can invite them to join your group. However take into account that this will effect your supplies, as with a larger group of people your supplies will begin to dwindle faster.

If you lose your population, you might begin to lose characters and begin to quickly be out numbered in fights.

With a larger population, you'll have a larger banner and bring more people to the end of the world.

Camp[ | ]

At any time during travel you wish to stop, you can do so to either upgrade your heroes or rearrange your heroes, rest which basically is exchanging supplies for a higher overall clan morale. There is also a option to visit the map.