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Ubin.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
16 / 16 Armor
16 / 16 Strength
8 / 10 Willpower
3 / 3 Exertion
4 / 4 Break
Start rank Free points
10 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Tempest Stronger Together
Class: Scrivener

Background[ | ]

Ubin was a famous Varl warrior in the past, known for his prowess in fighting the Dredge. After the first two Great Wars, Ubin became a tax-collector for the Varl kings, a post which he continued to occupy until the Third Great War, when the Dredge started attacking the men and varl again. He also developed a hobby of recording any notable events in his journal while collecting tax.

Known as the Scrivener, Ubin is one of the oldest varl, and has always enjoyed recording the happenings along his route as a tax collector. In light of recent events, he ponders setting aside his quill for awhile.
~ Lore in the "Heroes" menu of The Banner Saga 3

Active Ability: Tempest[ | ]

The Warhawk uses his massive weight to sweep his weapon around himself, hitting multiple adjacent targets, friend or foe, for normal strength damage.

Tempest triggers the Warhawk's passive ability, Heavy Impact, which in turn can cause a chain reaction of destruction if used in close quarters. Keeping the Warhawk out of harm's way until late in the fight will maximize his effectiveness.

Tempest hits the selected enemy target plus additional units, friend or foe, moving in a clockwise fashion around the Warhawk. After clicking on the enemy target (and before ticking to confirm the action) the units to be hit are highlighted with the purple-filled tiles.

Rank 1: hits up to 2 targets

Rank 2: hits up to 3 targets

Rank 3: hits up to 4 targets

Reveal Weakness

Second Active Ability: Reveal Weakness[ | ]

Ubin points out a target and explains where to hit it to maximize damage. All allies in range attack the target for either STR or ARM damage.

To maximize the effect of this, make sure other heroes are positioned to attack the selected target.

Rank 1: Range 1

Rank 2: Range 3

Rank 3: Range 5

Stronger Together

Passive Ability: Stronger Together[ | ]

By standing next to an ally, Ubin's confidence and experience allow to improve the strength damage dealt by both himself and his ally by 1. This bonus remains until Ubin is no longer adjacent to the ally.

When multiple heroes stand next to Ubin, each gains the benefit of +1 strength damage, while Ubin gains +1 strength damage for each adjacent hero.

Lore[ | ]

Ubin is one of the oldest Varls alongside Krumr and Snorri. He is a former warrior who fought in the Great Wars and later became a tax collector for the varl kings. Gunnulf was assigned as a bodyguard for Ubin by King Skyrmir. He has travelled to many places far from Varl lands and can speak the native language of the horseborn. He also has a hobby of chronicling recent events in his journal, thus he is often called "scrivener".

In the beginning of the first game, Ubin is shown to reach Strand with his guards while collecting taxes from the settlements ruled by Jorundr. After arriving, he and his party intervene to stop the Skalflings from snatching power from the Governor of Strand. After disposing them, he encounters the Varl crown prince Vognir on his way to Grofheim along with the human prince Ludin. They decide to travel to the city together, however Vognir is killed by the Dredge near Vedrfell.

They stay at Vedrfell for a few days, slaughtering any Dredge they encounter. The new Varl crown prince Hakon leads them to Grofheim, but Ubin is taken aback on finding the city has been sacked. The caravan ultimately reaches Einartoft where they encounter Rook and his caravan. The city is however sacked by the Dredge and Ubin along with some Varls joins up with Rook's caravan.

Ubin accompanies the caravan of the Hero of Skogr until Grundar in the second game, where he decides to travel to Dalalond, the homeland of the horseborn, becoming fascinated after encountering some of them. There, he convinces some of the horseborn tribes to travel to Arberrang to fight the Dredge and seek refuge from the coming Darkness.

Ubin returns in the third game while Arberrang is being besieged by the Dredge and decides to pick his warhammer up again, assisting Arberrang in stopping the Sundr Ruin. He leads the horseborn into Arberrang and assists the Hero of Skogr in fending off their enemies.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Ubin has the habit of recording the events that he witnesses on his journeys. For this reason, he is always portrayed holding a quill and is dubbed the Scrivener by fellow Varl.
  • The trademark color of his tunic resembles an eggplant, a fact that Gunnulf brings up in a comical dialogue near the beginning of the game.
  • He is one of the oldest living Varl, the other two being Krumr and Snorri. He aims to live to be the oldest. He considers these two to be his only competitors as they are both older than he is.

Joining the party[ | ]

Ubin joins Hakon's caravan in Chapter 1 and Rook's caravan in Chapter 6. He does not participate in any battles. However, a generic Shieldbanger from his party will be at your disposal for the first two fights of the game, and his personal bodyguard, Gunnulf, remains with your caravan afterwards.

He remains a member of Rook/Alette's caravan in The Banner Saga 2 until Chapter 10. He rejoins the caravan in Chapter 18 during the fight against Ruin and becomes available for use in combat.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

Ubin will leave the caravan in Chapter 10 but will rejoin you in Chapter 18. He can die in Chapter 21, if you fail to reach the White Tower after your fifth return to Arberrang.