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Ulfvalgr was a varl warrior who participated in the Second Great War, and died shortly before the Third Great War while helping Eirik in stopping the triumvirate trying to take over Strand.

Background[ | ]

Ulfvalgr was a varl warrior who was quick to anger and violence, while also being hateful of humans. He fought against the dredge during the Second Great War and was eventually taken by the older warrior Torstein under his care along with Olaf and Kjallak, with Torstein making them his kendr. He taught them how to read, fight and survive, though Kjallak was eventually exiled for his deceptive ways.

Ulfvalgr, alongside Fasolt, eventually took to banditry on humans in order to prove the superiority of varls. As their successes grew, they stopped caring about scouting their targets, which one day caused them to strike a caravan of a human emissary under the protection of the Varl King Jorundr himself. The two immediately surrendered, and Jorundr decided to ask them why they had become raiders, instead of executing them. When they told him their reason, he stated that no new varls would ever be created and they were the last ones left. He then took them to Einartoft to show them its bridge, telling them how it would ensure that the legacy of the varls would live on even after they died out. The repentant Ulfvalgr then decided to go back home and was forgiven by Torstein after being told about it.

Before his death, Torstein bequeathed Olaf and Ulfvalgr the divine amulet called the "Gift of Hadrborg", which was said to resurrect the dead varls and had been used by the fourth Varl King Throstr to rally their race against the dredge. Ulfvalgr however wanted to live a life of adventure, in order to create new legacy for the varls, and did not want to stay in a mostly uninhabited place with Olaf. He therefore decided to divide the amulet in half with him in order to safeguard it, but was forbidden by Torstein and had to lie that he had permitted it. After giving one half of the amulet to Olaf, he hid the other half in his tower shield, thus respecting Torstein's wishes and ensuring that it was safe.

A few months before the Third Great War, Ulfvalgr returned home, but soon found out from the varl elders that a human had stolen Olaf's half of the Gift of Hadrborg and had fled to Halsar. He soon went there, but found that the thief had been slain and the half of the amulet he had stolen had been taken by someone else. Tracking the killer to Karlshus, he soon joined a caravan, but found a man searching his belongings. Realizing that some men were after him for the other half, he slew him and fled to Karlshus in order to try to escape them.

Recent events[ | ]

Reunion with Olaf[ | ]

After arriving in Karlshus, Ulfvalgr realized that he was still being followed and went to Broddi's Mead Hall. He however also found Olaf there and decided to start a bar brawl by attacking him, in order to shake off his pursuers. As Olaf evaded his attacks, Ulfvalgr hit one of the customers, leading to a massive fight breaking out in the mead hall, allowing him to flee before his pursuers arrived there.

Ulfvalgr then followed Olaf, who was accompanied by the boy Stefnir, and caught up to them in the woods outside Karlshus. He told them that he was pretending to attack in order to escape his pursuers, and demanded to know from Olaf about the identity of those who had stolen his half of the Gift of Hadrborg. Learning that it was the Mársmidr gang from Strand led by Freystein, he decided to go alone, but was convinced by the two to take them along, since it would have been dangerous for him to face them on his own.

After walking for a while near the bank of the Red River, Ulfvalgr was repeatedly told by Olaf to stop for the night, though he refused. Upon being told the third time, he relented and decided to scan his surroundings to see if the Mársmidr were following them. Finding that he had shaken off his pursuers, and seeing the weather clearing up, he finally decided to set up camp. Stefnir soon went to work on trying to cut a tree, but Ulfvalgr chided him, stating that it would take him hours. Olaf then chided Ulfvalgr in return by stating that he should try it on his own if Stefnir was weak, which he did by angrily chopping the tree down quickly. After whittling down the branches, he told Olaf and Stefnir to set up a fire while he went to fish for food.

Upon returning from fishing from the Red River, Ulfvalgr overheard Olaf telling Stefnir about how the Mársmidr stole his half of the amulet, and condescendingly told him to keep narrating what he called his tale of shame about losing it to the boy. As Olaf finished telling Stefnir what he had found about the gang in Karlshus, Ulfvalgr vowed that they would hunt them down and take back the half they stole. The three later joined a caravan going to Strand for safety and arrived in the city a day later.

The unexpected company[ | ]

After arriving in Strand, Olaf, Ulfvalgr and Stefnir decided to go look for an inn the two varls knew offered lodgings suitable for their kind. They however unwittingly entered into the territory of the criminal gang called "Kollsvein's Kin" and were accosted by them, with the thugs demanding their money. Ulfvalgr however refused and warned them to leave, with a fight breaking out soon. As the varl held the attackers off and cut off the arm of one of the gangsters, three men soon joined the fight on his group's side. The gangsters fled as one of the men killed their leader Kollsvein, and Ulfvalgr demanded to know how they came to be there. One of the men introduced himself as Eirik and the others as Arnbjorn and Valgard, claiming they were bounty hunters.

After Eirik told Olaf that the inn they were looking for had burnt down years ago and his group should use one of the abandoned houses in the area to sleep in for the night, Olaf suggested to him that the three men spend the night with them as it would provide them with more protection. Eirik agreed, though Ulfvalgr didn't trust them, and they soon found an abandoned hall suitable enough for all of them to sleep in. As Eirik prepared the dinner, Olaf told them about how they ended up in Strand, though leaving out some key details. While eating, Ulfvalgr asked Eirik about his bounty hunting business, but quickly grew bored and decided to go the hall's cellar to sleep alone.

Upon waking up in the morning, Olaf left for the market district, telling Ulfvalgr that he was going to fetch food for them and Stefnir. Stefnir, who had gone outside to relieve himself while Ulfvalgr was still asleep, soon returned and whispered to Ulfvalgr that he couldn't trust the three men with them. Ulfvalgr agreed and stated that they would leave without them as soon as Olaf returned. After Olaf did, he told everyone that he had found an old friend of theirs in the market, and he had offered to help them.

Kjallak's trap[ | ]

After leaving Eirik and his group, Ulfvalgr commended Olaf for making an excuse to get away from them, but Olaf told him to his surprise that he was being truthful and that the one he had met was Kjallak. Ulfvalgr was furious and berated him for trusting Kjallak, as he had been exiled by Torstein, but Olaf reminded him how he had himself raided on humans in past, convincing him to trust their former kendr. They then went to The Shattered Shield as Kjallak had told Olaf to, and were given warm hospitality.

Kjallak told Ulfvalgr and his group that he had heard about Freystein and his desire to obtain the Gift of Hadrborg. As Ulfvalgr stated that he would like to kill the Mársmidr leader, a man inside the room laughed in response. Kjallak introduced him as Skoegir and apologized for his behavior, telling them that he was a strange man with a morbid sense of humor. When Olaf asked him how he knew Skoegir, Kjallak stated that they worked in the same line of business and he was one of the few men who could help find Freystein. As Ulfvalgr asked how they could find Freystein and called him a man, Skoegir stated that he was no man at all, and the realization soon dawned on Ulfvalgr's group.

When Olaf questioned Kjallak if he was working for Freystein, he and his group were soon surrounded by Mársmidr men who blocked the exit. Kjallak revealed that he had killed Freystein long ago to take over his gang, and was pretending to be him the entire time. As he tried striking them with his war hammer, Eirik and Valgard soon burst into the mead hall and were able to prevent Kjallak from striking his preys as they crashed into him. The two soon attacked one of the Mársmidr men to create an opening, and Ulfvalgr struck him at the same time, with the added momentum allowing them to shatter his shield and resulting in Ulfvalgr's axe killing him.

Ulfvalgr and his group escaped Kjallak's room as Valgard held them back, but the man was soon injured and rescued by Olaf and Eirik. As the Mársmidr came after them, Ulfvalgr struck the staircase they were on and shattered it, allowing them time to escape the mead hall. The varl however knew that the Mársmidr would catch up to them and carrying Valgard would only slow them down, suggesting that they abandon him. Eirik however soon noticed a line of wagons, bribing their owner Frode to take them under his protection and to transport them to the Great Hall. As they left, Eirik apologized for lying to them and promised to give them answers on the way after tending to Valgard's injuries.

The trouble in Strand[ | ]

As Eirik, Olaf, Stefnir and Ulfvalgr were being transported to the Great Hall, Ulfvalgr reminded him that he had promised them answers. Eirik then told them that he and Valgard were members of the Governor's Guard, the elite protectors of Strand, with their job being to infiltrate the major gangs of Strand to destroy them from the inside. This impressed Ulfvalgr when he heard it. Upon being asked by Olaf, Eirik told them how crime in Strand had risen, as well as about the major crime syndicates of the city. Ulfvalgr then asked him why the Governor's Guard hadn't taken down the Mársmidr yet, with Eirik replying that they had tried finding Freystein when he disappeared, but only found that the Guardsmen they had sent to infiltrate the Mársmidr had been killed.

When Eirik asked them about Kjallak, Ulfvalgr stated that he needed to answer their questions first, and asked him who Arnbjorn was and why he wasn't with them now. After revealing that he was a former Mársmidr member who was trying to get a pardon for stealing from them in exchange for following the varls, Eirik then again asked them about Kjallak and Ulfvalgr allowed Olaf to reveal how they knew him and how they came to meet him again, but refused to say what he was after. As the Governor's Guard offered to show them hospitality and plan their next move together, Ulfvalgr rejected it and stated that they would go their own separate way afterwards.

The cart Ulfvlagr was in soon passed through a location where an organized fight was taking place,, and Eirik told them that it was a tournament held by the City Watch of Strand to keep the troublesome elements of the city from taking to crime, by offering money as reward to the victors, which Ulfvalgr found as clever. The group soon arrived at the Great Hall, and Eirik lodged Ulfvalgr, Olaf and Stefnir in a room of the guest wing. When Stefnir stated that there was no bed fit for him, Eirik told him that the room was made for varls only, and offered to have him shifted to another room. Olaf however noticed that Stefnir was reluctant and stated that they would like to stay together. Ulfvalgr stated that the boy would stay with them as Eirik insisted, and the Guardsman instead left to fetch a bed for him.

Ambush at the Great Hall[ | ]

After hearing Eirik tell a servant to call him if his varl guests and the boy tried to escape, Ulfvalgr stated that they needed to leave. Olaf however chided him, stating how they had found proper lodgings for the first time in months, and Ulfvalgr stated that he should have stayed back home if he wanted a comfortable bed so bad. Olaf responded that he would have had found it in Karlshus if he hadn't started the brawl with him, leading to the two staring at each other in anger. Stefnir tried to break up the tension by asking them what Kjallak was after, and Ulfvalgr told him about the Gift of Hadrborg himself, as well as how Throstr had used it to rally the varls, since the boy had earned their trust.

Stefnir asked Olaf and Ulfvalgr more about the Gift of Hadrborg, but both of them refused to tell him anything. As he waited for his bed to arrive, they soon heard the voice of steps slowly coming their way. Stefnir assumed it to be his cot arriving, but Ulfvalgr stopped him and stated that that they wouldn't be sneaking around if it were so. The three soon found themselves attacked by armed men and tried to hold them off, with Eirik arriving there eventually. While fighting their leader, he hit the hearth of the room with his axe, sending burning cinders flying into the room and onto the attackers. He then used a burning sheet to make Olaf crash into Ulfvalgr and Stefnir, causing the window shutters to break and the three to fall out onto the roof.

Eirik took Ulfvalgr and his group to the slum district of Grárgróf, after landing on the snow below the hill on which the Great Hall stood. He hid them in an abandoned temple and told them that the raid to capture them was carried out by the gang called the "Aetla Hilmir". As Ulfvalgr accused the authorities of Strand of doing a poor job of securing the city, Eirik in anger told them how the Hilmir had been trying to take down the Governor of Strand for over a year, but went after them instead right after their fight with Kjallak. He demanded to know what he was after, but Ulfvalgr refused and decided to leave. Eirik however made him relent by telling him that he would be quickly hunted down outside on his own.

A horrifying discovery[ | ]

Eirik and his allies soon received a visit from Runa, the aide of the Vak'auga spymaster Leiknir, who stated that she wanted to talk. The group didn't trust her, but agreed to hear her out after she stated that she could have easily killed them if she wanted to. As Runa told Eirik that Leiknir wanted to meet him in order to help him against the gangs, Eirik initially rejected it, but decided to seek the opinion of his compatriots after being persuaded by Olaf and Stefnir. All three agreed that he should meet Leiknir and he sent her back to him. As she left, everyone stared at Stefnir, knowing he recognized her. The boy told them that she was from his village and was captured during a raid by the Vak'auga slavers. He also revealed that he had left his village to take revenge on them.

Eirik soon decided to meet Leiknir after being inspired by the words of Olaf to Stefnir about abandoning his vengeance, and Ulfvalgr suggested that he and Olaf should meanwhile hide at the mead hall called The Caroling Giant, which was frequented by the varls who lived in Strand. After learning from Leiknir that the triumvirate of the Aetla Hilmir, the Mársmidr and the Vak'auga were planning to take over Strand, Eirik was directed to a Vak'auga warehouse at the western docks. He then sent Stefnir and Runa, who had been given by Leiknir as a collateral, to take Olaf and Ulfvalgr back to the temple while he went to meet with Strand's spymaster Vott.

After Eirik returned with fresh clothing and a Nautmot yoxen cart with a canopy large enough to hide the two varls, the group went to the warehouse Leiknir had told them about. They killed a guard outside it, but soon heard someone banging on a nearby meat locker's door from the inside. Opening it, they found a badly mutilated Arnbjorn, who told them that they should take the back door since it would be lightly guarded. As Ulfvalgr asked him why they should trust him, Arnbjorn smiled to show what the Mársmidr had done to him before passing out. After gaining entrance into the warehouse, Ulfvalgr's group woke Arnbjorn up in the kitchen and Eirik asked if there were any other guards there. Arnbjorn stated that some others would be arriving there with a shipment later, and what they were looking for was in the basement, which would be lightly guarded.

Eirik went to the basement with Olaf and Ulfvalgr, while leaving Stefnir and Runa to keep an eye on the exit and Arnbjorn. Ulfvalgr slew one of the men there, while Eirik killed the other, and both searched the rooms while Olaf watched the stairs. Stefnir and Runa soon arrived with Arnbjorn to inform the three that other gangsters would be arriving there soon, and Olaf asked his compatriots if they had found anything. As they replied in the negative, Arnbjorn decided to help them and quickly found what they needed. The group escaped before the gangsters found them there, and Ulfvalgr intimidated Arnbjorn into revealing what he had retrieved. He and Olaf were however shocked to find that it was a varl skull.

Preparing a plan[ | ]

Eirik took his allies to a secluded mansion outside Strand, where he learned from Arnbjorn that Kjallak was smuggling in varl skeletons and was after a shield-like amulet. He then decided to hold a tournament in order to lure one of the triumvirate lieutenants by getting Olaf and Ulfvalgr out in the open, while having the City Watch march there at a scheduled time to stop any attacks by the Aetla Hilmir. He also told Runa to inform the Vak'auga leader Magnus about the fight very late, so the Vak'auga and the Mársmidr would struggle to find any men.

Ulfvalgr however rejected Eirik's plan as he deemed it too risky, and instead suggested that they attack the Mársmidr operations to find Kjallak. As he started arguing with Eirik over it, Olaf interjected and stated that he wanted revenge on Kjallak too. but was willing to be patient. He added that Eirik's plan was the best chance for it, which impressed Ulfvalgr as he was finally being open about his feelings. Ulfvalgr commended Olaf for it, telling him to be truthful in the future too, and decided to go along with Eirik's plan.

In order to prepare for the tournament, Ulfvalgr taught Stefnir how to fight along with Olaf and Arnbjorn, who revealed to them that his true name was Hallvard. On the fifth day, he trained him on a frozen pond, in order to teach him to maintain balance and fighting techniques. Despite Stefnir being unable to strike him, he commended him for getting better in his attacking strategy. The boy however decided to leave after watching Runa and becoming hateful at her, as she made him wonder whether it was good that his mother died instead of becoming bitter like her, and lied to Ulfvalgr that he was going to relieve himself.

The tournament[ | ]

Eirik later returned to tell everyone that the tournament would be held in two days, and stated that it was necessary since the varls would eventually find out that their graves had been robbed. He also told them that there had been a sudden increase in number of varls arriving in Strand, with the most notable among them being Vilmundr. He asked Olaf and Ulfvalgr about it, with the latter telling him that he was a warlord of questionable loyalties who served Jorundr.

After informing them that some of the varls might fight them at the tournament and receiving a response from Olaf that they could handle it, Eirik stated that the Governor's Steward Olvir wanted him and Unfalvalgr to be taken into custody afterwards, but he had decided to reveal it to them since he had promised to not lie to them again. When he offered to help them escape, Ulfvalgr stated that they would would quietly come along, though he had secretly started scheming to escape. The group then examined the map of the location of the tournament shown by Eirik, in order ot strategize and prepare for the fight.

On the last day of the tournament, Olaf and Ulfvalgr forbade Stefnir from training, in order to preserve his strength, while going through the map and discussing the fighting strategies. Eirik and his group went to the tournament on the scheduled day, and were met by the triumvirate members led by the Mársmidr lieutenant Ottar. Ulfvalgr recognized one of the varls among them as a member of the Ravens, believing that he had been kicked out by them. When the horn for the fight was sounded, Ulfvalgr covered Stefnir's rear, while Olaf covered the boy's right, Hallvard his left, and Eirik and Runa stood behind Olaf.

As Ulfvalgr's group charged at their foes, one of the varls struck Olaf's shield with his war hammer. Ulfvalgr utilized the opportunity to strike the arm of Olaf's oppponent, with Olaf soon wounding the other. The varl surrendered and they won the match soon afterwards. Eirik however realized that the City Watch hadn't arrived as scheduled, and they were soon ambushed by the Aetla Hilmir. The Guardsman then told everyone to flee with Ottar, but Ulfvalgr decided to remain and fight alongside him, assuring Eirik that they would never get to the other half of the amulet.

The truth revealed[ | ]

As Eirik fought the Aetla Hilmir's leader Nikolas, Ulfvalgr held the rest of them off and killed three of them in a single strike. The men then tried to encircle him, with Ulfvalgr constantly moving and frequently striking at them to avoid it. After watching the City Watch finally arrive, Eirik ran towards Ulfvalgr and slew one of the Hilmir, giving the varl an opening. He then told him to drop the overhead pile of logs on them, which he did, and which allowed them to escape their grasp. As the City Watch reached there, Ulfvalgr suggested finishing the gangsters, but Eirik warned that he would be taken into custody and they couldn't trust anyone now, since the Watch's late arrival meant that someone at the Great Hall was working with the triumvirate.

Eirik and Ulfvalgr soon arrived back at the mansion, with the Guardsman informing everyone that he had learnt that Nikolas was the son of Helvir, the late brother of the governor, which would strengthen his claim to the throne of Strand. Olaf meanwhile went back to trying to repair his shield as he was uninterested, and Ulfvalgr offered to help him after realizing what he was doing, knowing that it would reveal the other half of the amulet hidden inside. After rejecting his help due to being upset at Stefnir not abandoning his desire for vengeance, Olaf soon dislodged the rim of his shield and caused one of the boards to crack. This caused the half of the amulet Ulfvalgr had hidden to drop out, which Olaf realized was with him the entire time to his fury.

After being knocked out briefly from Olaf's punch, Ulfvalgr regained consciousness and was berated by his kendr for his deception, being told that he didn't understand why Torstein forgave him when he was no different than Kjallak. Ulfvalgr stated that whatever he did was to ensure the legacy of the varl, while telling him about his raiding days, how he reformed, and why he was forgiven. He revealed why he had hidden the other half and also told him that he was too busy caring about helping humans, asking if he would have done what he did. After Olaf realized that he was correct, Ulfvalgr left to check on Ottar, who was being tortured by Hallvard for information.

Raid on Magnus[ | ]

Ottar agreed to provide information on the triumvirate to Eirik's group, telling them that the Vak'auga were going to smuggle in a shipment for the Mársmidr at the Ninth Pier, which would be their best bet to capture Magnus or Kjallak. Eirik wanted to bring the City Watch in, which Olaf opposed. After Ulfvalgr reminded him how the Watch had failed them at the tournament, Eirik stated that he himself was willing to come into custody. Ulfvalgr however revealed to him that he had lied and was going to escape had the plan went smoothly.

As the others too expressed their distrust in the City Watch because of them failing multiple times, Eirik insisted that he could bring trusted men for the job. Ulfvalgr however rejected it, stating that the Watch has failed to protect them and he didn't trust them either, otherwise they and Olvir would have arrived to the mansion to take them into custody by now. Ulfvalgr told Eirik that he and the others would take the yoxen cart since he insisted on getting the City Watch involved, and the Guardsman in response told him to ask them about it as it was too risky. He did so in order to mock him, and as expected, everyone agreed to go without Eirik.

Ulfvalgr took on the leadership of his group as they went to the Ninth Pier, and sent Runa to scout ahead when they arrived there. She soon came back to inform them that Magnus was there and on board his ship and the docks were crawling with the Vak'auga. Hallvard soon informed them about guards coming their way and the group hid behind crates and boxes, coming out once the two Vak'auga guards had left. They then discussed their plan to capture Magnus and Runa warned that he would be leaving soon, suggesting that they take a path along the cliffs to board the ship. Hallvard meanwhile suggested using a boat to row to it. As Ulfvalgr considered it, the guards returned, but the varl decided to kill them after hiding briefly, since he had become annoyed. He then decided to go along with Runa's plan as it was less risky. After they slew two guards at the docks, a horn blower spotted them, but Runa speared his shoulder before he could alert the others. The guard tried to reach his horn again, but Ulfvalgr caught up to him and snapped his neck.

The group soon boarded Magnus' ship, and Runa took them to the captain's quarters. Ulfvalgr however realized that it would take him and Olaf time to get in there, causing him to send the three humans instead. As they surrounded Magnus, Ulfvalgr soon saw another man with the same features and armor standing near them. He realized that there were two Magnuses and went after the other one with Olaf, in order to stop him from alerting his crew. Hallvard went to help them and told Runa and Stefnir to go after the one that they had found in the cabin. He and the varls however failed to capture their prey and Ulfvalgr was forced to improvise as the crew came after them. The varl attacked the ship's hull with his horns, creating a hole which allowed the three to jump into the sea in order to escape.

Learning the truth[ | ]

After returning to land, Ulfvalgr and his group were surrounded by the City Watch, who had come there after the triumvirate, but did not know they were on their side. Eirik however soon arrived there and told them to stand down. He stated to the three that they were right to distrust the Watch, as they had been given false orders by the mender Melkorka, who was also an advisor to the Governor. He asked them where Runa and Stefnir were, but soon realized they were missing. Hallvard stated that they didn't know what happened to them, as they had split up, and he and Ulfvalgr told him that Magnus had a twin brother.

Eirik told the recovered Valgard to search for their missing compatriots, before Olvir arrived there and told them to inform them what Kjallak was truly after. Ulfvalgr refused, but was admonished by Olaf into finally revealing it. He then reluctantly told them that it was the divine amulet called the "Gift of Hadrborg", which Throstr had used to rally the varl during the Second Great War, and was reputed to be able to revive any varl who had died.

Eirik soon came to a realization that Kjallak not only intended to use the Gift of Hadrborg to help Nikolas take over Strand, but also become the King of Varls by earning Vilmundr's loyalty, and possibly conquer Arberrang as well. The others realized to their horror that he was correct, but Ulfvalgr assured that Olaf still had the other half. When Olaf however revealed that he had given it to Stefnir and it had been lost with him, Ulfvalgr went berserk and tried to choke him to death. It took Eirik, Hallvard and a number of the City Watch to hold him down, before Olvir ordered his arrest, but was persuaded not to do so by Eirik and Olaf.

The end of Kjallak[ | ]

Olvir later deployed Hallvard and three men of the City Watch to accompany Ulfvalgr at all times, so he wouldn't attempt an escape while everyone else looked for Stefnir and Runa. Olaf met him again in the morning, but was despondent upon seeing the hatred in his heart for him. Runa soon returned to the Ninth Pier, telling everyone that she and Stefnir had escaped from a warehouse of the triumvirate, and they had taken the half of the amulet on him. She also revealed that Stefnir had hopped on a yoxen cart bound for the location where the gangs were meeting Vilmundr, and had left them a trail of mead to follow. Ulfvalgr and his group were however forced to go alone along with two of the guards and Olvir, as the rest of the City Watch were tired and it would take time for Valgard to assemble fresh men.

Arriving at the warehouse where Runa and Stefnir were kept, Olvir ordered his allies to search it for any clues the two missed, but all they found were the corpses of Leiknir and the Vak'auga member Fiske, with Olvir sending one of the guards to bring Valgard there. After they exited, light snowfall soon began to fall and Ulfvalgr stated that they shouldn't have stopped since they might lose the trail. They followed the trail as best as they could, but eventually lost it in the northern parts of Strand. Olvir then sent the remaining guard to have Valgard arrive there with the City Watch, and as the group looked for clues, Eirik found his name written on a pillar near a bridge leading to an abandoned temple of Hadrborg. Olvir told them to wait for the City Watch, but quickly realized that they wouldn't, and told Eirik to mark the directions to the temple for Valgard.

As the group sneaked up to the bridge leading to the temple, they saw a man leaning over the parapet on the other side. Hallvard went to take a look and found that it was Skoegir, with Ulfvalgr and his group coming after him as he fought him. After Runa slew a nearby man trying to attack Hallvard, the rogue told them to leave them alone as he had personal business to settle with Skoegir for the murder of Johan. The group was initially reluctant, but left when Skoegir told them to leave them to settle their scores, becoming angry upon finding out that it was Hallvard's action that had brought him out into the open. They then attacked the other triumvirate members at the temple, slaying a number of them and eventually making their way into the prayer hall, where Kjallak, Melkorka, Nikolas and Vilmundr were. Ulfvalgr killed three men who charged at him, before Eirik fatally wounded Nikolas. Melkorka after seeing this attacked Eirik with a fire spell, but it ended up hitting Olvir and the gangsters he was fighting, and also started a fire.

After seeing Stefnir, who was wrestling with Kjallak for the tower shield with the Gift of Hadrborg embedded in it, being surrounded by flames, Ulfvalgr came to his rescue and jumped away with him. Kjallak was soon trapped along with the shield by the flames, with the others stating that there was no way to rescue it. Ulfvalgr however decided to retrieve it at the cost of his own life and bid a final farewell to Stefnir, before jumping across the flames. The varl snatched away the tower shield from Kjallak and tossed it to his group, before wrestling with the Mársmidr leader so they could escape. The two soon perished in the fire, but the triumvirate was finally destroyed. The ashes of the two varls were later found by the City Watch and given to Olaf, who decided to lay both of them to rest in the territory of the varls.