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Let's take a look at the interface. There's a few different places this is going to come into play: First with the HUD, second with the Battle / Training, third with the Caravan, or Travel, forth inside The Camp, and lastly with the Map. These are the main areas within the game that User Interface comes into play.

Game HUD[]

The Top Menu Options.

  • 1: Renown: Renown is gained from defeating enemies while in battle or by a handful of choices you make and can be spent to upgrade your heroes, buy supplies or items.
  • 2: Clansmen: Clansmen is made up of your non fighting units in your traveling party. They'll typically be women and children, but also can be healers or the elderly. The larger your clansmen party the more food you'll consume per day, so you'll want to keep an eye on it.
  • 4: Varl: The Varl are a larger unit type, from the ancient Giants. They'll be quite a bit more useful in your battles with the Dredge, so you'll typically have less in your banner party. Typically they'll be a mix of Shieldbangers and Warriors.
  • 5: Food: This is your food amount. Food is important for keeping your bannermen alive as you make your trek across the country. You can purchase food from Markets or by interaction with characters or things you do along the storyline. Be sure to keep at least 3-5 days minimum between towns and villages to survive.
  • 6: Morale: Morale correlates and affects your Willpower in battle. The lowest morale will give each Characters -2, Low Morale will give -1, Normal Morale will stay neutral or 0, Good Morale will give you +1, and the best Morale will give +2. Rest in Camp to keep it high if choices you've been picking have it dropping.
  • 7: Options: Clicking on Options pulls up a few different options, from saving to configuring the Difficulty level settings you can also change full screen settings, or see the creators of the game in the Game Credits. There's also On / Off buttons for music & sound effects. Lastly if you wish to Quit and return to boring normal life, there's options for that.
  • 8: Map: Clicking on the Map brings up the map interface (see below) and your current position on it. To leave the map simply click the X at the bottom of the screen.
  • 9: Day Number: This is how many days it's been since you started. Each day you'll consume food, and if members of your party are injured, be sure to rest them for a day or two. Also resting keeps your Morale high.
  • 10: Camp: The Camp is where you manage your caravan. During your travels you can enter the Camp at any time by clicking the "camp" button on the HUD. Your party will then come to a halt to either rest, inspect your Heroes engage in Training or view the Map

Battle System / Training[]


The Camp[]

The Market[]

The Market Options.

  • 1 Renown is gained from defeating enemies and here can be spent to buy supplies.
  • 2 Supplies is your current amount of supplies. Get additional by buying with Renown.
  • 3 Days Worth of your current amount of supplies is how many days you company has left before they finish eating them all.
  • 4 Renown Price is how many supplies each of your renown will get you. Otherwise made simple by understanding that this will change depending on where you are at and what the town thinks of you.
  • 5 Items for sale. These will change depending on which market you shop. The different markets will give you different Items.
  • 6 + & - Add or Subtract supplies from the total you are buying.

The Character Screen[]

  • Ability is the unique power that this class wields.
  • Armor blocks damage. Your strength minus their armor equals damage.
  • Strength is both damage and health. If strength drops to 0 the unit falls unconscious.
  • Willpower is spent to move further, hit harder, and perform your ability, does not replenish, except with certain abilities and the Horn.
  • Exertion is the amount of willpower you can use on any given action.
  • Break is the amount of direct damage you can naturally do to an enemies armor.
  • Stats / Max Stats is the current amount of points added to this character next to the maximum amount of points allowed at their current rank.
  • The Skull indicates Kills needed to promote to the next rank.
  • Renown is gained from defeating enemies and can be spent to upgrade your heroes.


See: Map