Banner Saga Wiki

Vile Skulker
Size 1x2 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 5 tiles
Attack Melee (1 tile)
Passive Chase Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Skulk, Howl
Armor 8
Strength 13
Willpower 6
Exertion 2
Break 4

General[ | ]

Vile Skulkers are larger versions of Skulkers, creatures walking in four legs, like dogs or wolves, that are found to accompany the Dredge in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Passive Ability: Chase[ | ]

Skulkers can move through allies (and Dredge), thus considerably extending their reach.

  • Chase passive ability is identical to the Landsman's Light Step.

Active Ability: Skulk[ | ]

The Skulker becomes invisible and stalks a target, taking another move of 5 tiles.


  • After Skulk is initiated, the movement along the first 2-3 tiles can be distinguished before the Skulker completely vanishes from sight.
  • Walking into a tile occupied by an invisible Skulker will terminate a Hero's movement, potentially leaving him unable to attack. This is especially harmful to bulky Varl and melee-attack Heroes.
  • An invisible Skulker taking damage will immediately re-appear. Some AoE abilities, like Bear Rage or Slag and Burn, are especially useful for uncovering Skulking Skulkers. It is not uncommon to reveal Skulkers unexpectedly by other abilities like: Heavy Impact, Arc Lightning or Splinter.

Active Ability: Howl[ | ]

The Skulker reappears and howls, signalling its pack mates to attack a target, before doing so itself. Any Skulkers on the board, invisible or not, that are within regular (non-Exerted) reach of the Howl target will move in and attack.

  • Howl can only be used when the Skulker is invisible.

Bugs & Issues[ | ]

  • Chase passive ability often leads to Skulkers, especially Vile ones, occupying the same tile(s) with an ally unit. This does not crash the game, but it can make targeting difficult: In this case, it is advisable to use the turn-queue portraits (instead of the unit sprites) to target an attack or ability.
  • Skulkers act as hosts for the Strength-damaging "Infected/Diseased" debuff from Dredge Stonesingers and Eyeless: They can carry and transmit the debuff to Heroes, without it harming them!