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Sparr master se

Sparr the Wanderer.

Wanderer is a promoted class stemming from the Skald base-class, introduced in the second part of The Banner Saga.

  • The active ability of Wanderer is called Insult.
  • One playable hero belongs to this promoted class: Sparr.
  • The other Skald-class unit of the game, Aleo, gains the Insult ability when promoted to Rank 6.
  • Units of this class have not (yet) been introduced in Factions.

Icon insult

Active Ability: Insult[ | ]

The Wanderer delivers an insult so cutting and personal that the target is literally stunned for a moment and has to pause to collect himself. Insulted enemies move to the last place of the enemy initiative queue. Take care in picking the right target to delay from acting - keep in mind that any persistent effects started by the target will remain until the target's next turn - and even the most powerful enemy will become as harmless as a mouse.

Rank 1: Insult an enemy within 2 tiles

Rank 2: Insult an enemy within 5 tiles

Rank 3: Insult an enemy within 8 tiles

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Insult is a very handy ability to manipulate the enemy turn order to your advantage. It is especially useful to guarantee that you get the all-important first hit on enemies with high Strength and low Armor, like Dredge Scourges.