Banner Saga Wiki
Size 1x2 Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 4
Attack 1
Passive Thick Hide Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Maul
Armor 14
Strength 16
Willpower 5
Exertion 1
Break 3

General[ | ]

Warbears are 1x2 sized units sometime used by Kragsmen in battles. They first appear in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Passive Ability: Thick Hide[ | ]

The bear's thick hide absorbs all Strength damage until Armor is depleted. For example, if the Bear is at 8ARM/12STR and is attacked by a 13STR unit for 5 damage, the Bear's stats after the attack will be 3ARM/12STR (instead of 8ARM/7STR, for units without this ability). Notice that the total Hit Points, HP=STR+ARM, are preserved.

Thick Hide is identical to Folka's passive, 'Shield Mastery'.

Icon maul

Active Ability: Maul[ | ]

Selects a target in the tile adjacent to the head or rear of the bear, and damages that target and the ones on its left and right, diagonally adjacent to the bear. The damage inflicted is divided to between Strength and Armor. Maul will harm allies as well as foes, so use it carefully!

  • Note: Maul has only one Rank.

Example: Assuming the board tiles/units look like this:

Maul Example


  • 'W' is the Warbear occupying 1x2 tiles,
  • 'A' is an ally 1x1-sized unit,
  • 'B' is an enemy 2x2-sized unit,
  • 'C' is an enemy 1x1-sized unit, outside of regular melee attach range
  • 'D' is an enemy 1x1-sized unit, within regular melee attach range
  • The Maul icon designates the two tiles where the ability can be activated on, for his orientation of the Warbear.

In this case, Maul can be activated only on 'B' enemy, and it will also harm ally 'A'. Maul can not be activated on enemy 'C' or 'D'. Assuming that the Warbear has 13STR, 'B' has 10ARM/12STR and 'A' has 5ARM/8STR then the damage inflicted by maul will be:

  • 'A' will suffer 13-5=8 damage, that is -4ARM and -4STR; the unit's stats will be: 1ARM/4STR after the Maul
  • 'B' will suffer 13-10=3 damage, that is -2ARM and -1STR; the unit's stats will be: 8ARM/11STR after the Maul

Spinegrinder[ | ]

Spinegrinder is the nickname of a Warbear-type ally unit that can be summoned during battles by Eirik, after he acquires the special Call Bear ability in Chapter 10. Spinegrinder's abilities are identical to the Warbear's and his stats are: 13STR/15ARM/2WIL/1EXE/3BRK. Before he is trained, Spinegrinder appears as a generic Bear type with lower stats: 13STR/10ARM/2WIL/0EXE/3BRK, allowing Eirik to capture him relatively easily.