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Warden is a promoted class stemming from the Landsman base-class, introduced in the first part of The Banner Saga.

  • The active ability of Warden is called Rally.
  • One playable hero belongs to this promoted class: Eirik.
  • Units of this class have not (yet) been introduced in Factions.


Active Ability: Rally[ | ]

The Warden is an expert of city warfare, darting in and out to be useful where he's needed. While he doesn't use a bow like the hunter, Rally allows him to grant willpower to allies from anywhere in a battle, when they'll need it most, making an invaluable support character.

  • Rank 1: grant an ally 2 willpower
  • Rank 2: grant an ally 4 willpower
  • Rank 3: grant an ally 6 willpower


  • The infinite range of Rally, in combination with Lightstep and the high maximum Break, make the Warden a very valuable unit for the last turns of the battles, where Willpower and Strength are low.
  • Rally is one of the few abilities that does not (yet) have a special sprite animation or sound effect.