Banner Saga Wiki
Min - Max Stat
7 / 12 Armor
10 / 16 Strength
2 / 11 Willpower
0 / 2 Exertion
1 / 2 Break
Max total Rank
31 1
32 2
33 3
Active Passive
Tempest Heavy Impact

The Warhawk is a promotion of the Warrior. Like the Warrior, his passive ability is Heavy Impact.


Active Ability: Tempest[ | ]

The Warhawk uses his massive weight to sweep his weapon around himself, hitting multiple adjacent targets, friend or foe, for normal strength damage.

Tempest triggers the Warhawk's passive ability, Heavy Impact, which in turn can cause a chain reaction of destruction if used in close quarters. Keeping the Warhawk out of harm's way until late in the fight will maximize his effectiveness.

Tempest hits the selected enemy target plus additional units, friend or foe, moving in a clockwise fashion around the Warhawk. After clicking on the enemy target (and before ticking to confirm the action) the units to be hit are highlighted with the purple-filled tiles.

Rank 1: hits up to 2 targets

Rank 2: hits up to 3 targets

Rank 3: hits up to 4 targets

When Varl vie for a new leader they compete in tests of wits and strength. It was a giant named Raumr who stunned his clan and won the trials when he felled not just a tree in a single stroke, but four trees. Raumr would later discover that his enemies would fall in quite a similar way, and more easily than trees, much to their dismay.