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Min - Max Stat
5 / 12 Armor
9 / 15 Strength
5 / 9 Willpower
1 / 3 Exertion
0 / 4 Break
Max total Rank
31 1
32 2
33 3
Active Passive
Forge Ahead Heavy Impact

The Warleader is a promotion of the Warrior. Like the Warrior, his passive ability is Heavy Impact.

Forgeahead icon

Active Ability: Forge Ahead[ | ]

The Warleader uses his experience in battle to issue commands to allies, moving a single ally next in line in initiative. As with any active ability, Forge Ahead terminates the Warleader's turn.

By re-positioning his allies' turn order, the Warleader can create new strategies such as giving Archers guerilla tactics, triggering abilities earlier than usual or sling-shotting a powerful ally to the back lines. His ability is unique in being neither offensive nor defensive, in a direct manner.

Rank 1: command an adjacent ally

Rank 2: command an ally up to 4 tiles away

Rank 3: command an ally at any range

Lore[ | ]

"Heard you'd have to lose that arm. Didn't see the archer behind the giant with the shield, did you? You know who did see her? I did. And if you listened when I told you to step back you'd still have an arm, and your mouthy partner wouldn't be eating worms right now. So if you don't piss yourself tonight and run off wailing for you mother, you do what I say next time. Or I'll tear your other arm off myself." -Olfun the Aged