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Min - Max Stat
6 / 11 Armor.png
9 / 17 Strength.png
3 / 10 Willpower.png
1 / 2 Exertion.png
1 / 3 Break.png
Max total Rank
31 1
32 2
33 3
Active Passive
Sundering Impact Heavy Impact

The Warmaster is a promotion of the Warrior. Like the Warrior, his passive ability is Heavy Impact.

Sundering Impact

Active Ability: Sundering Impact[]

The Warmaster hits even harder than an average Warrior, with no chance to miss. He can wreak havok with an additional +1 strength and +1 break damage to the target, plus bonuses to Heavy Impact.

Sundering Impact has a 100% chance-to-hit and does a minimum of 2 strength and 1 armor damage on its selected target. However, it is best used when carefully positioned to impact as many enemies around the target as possible in a single strike.

Rank 1: +1 break to Heavy Impact

Rank 2: +1 strength and +1 break to Heavy Impact

Rank 3: +1 strength and +2 break to Heavy Impact


"Go away. Does it look like I just bought my fifth mead because I want to talk about fighting? Do I look like a training yard dummy? If you and everyone who looks like you don't stop bothering me you'll find out why I keep winning in the arena. No special training, no hidden trick or fancy footwork. Want to know the secret? Hit 'em harder than they can hit you. Now get lost." -Halmr the Unbroken