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"The darkness doesn't kill, it warps. There are things hiding out here we don't want to meet." -Eyvind, The Banner Saga 3

Warped refers to the twisted beings corrupted by the Darkness. Though first encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga, the Warped do not appear en masse until the third game. Initially only Dredge are shown as becoming warped, but it is later revealed that all races can be twisted into them.

The Warped units include:

Physiology[ | ]

"Dredge, human, varl, it doesn't matter out here. Not dead, but their minds were gone even before we laid them to rest." -Alfrun, The Banner Saga 3

The Warped are creatures of all races and species that have been overtaken by the Darkness, twisting their bodies and minds into those of unrecognizable, savage monsters. Only the light created by Menders, and the glow emitted by Godstones, can protect those inside the Darkness from being warped.

Humans, varl and dredge who have been Warped are shown to have mutated, purple skin, while their hair and armor often turn jet-black. Animals are also affected by the Darkness, as shown by the appearance of Warped Bears and Warped Borurs.

Some Warped creatures develop tentacle-like appendages, most notably Warped Stoneguards and Warped Borurs. Stoneguards can use theirs to drain Strength from the player's units from a distance, while Borurs use them to burrow into the ground and reappear elsewhere during combat.

Appearances[ | ]

The Warped first appear in Banner Saga 2, where several Warped Stoneguards attack Bolverk and his party in the mines beneath Bindal.

They later reappear as the main enemies of Banner Saga 3, repeatedly attacking the Ravens as Juno, Eyvind and Iver lead them through the Darkness. As the Darkness later begins to overtake Arberrang, Rook/Alette will also be forced to deal with them as the Warped attack the city.

The player can encounter a Warped Eyeless as a boss in Chapter 21, if she was not killed in Banner Saga 2.

Bolverk, despite never being twisted into a Warped, gains the ability to lead them in order to take down the Ravens as they venture through the Darkness. This is probably because he was revived and already corrupted by the Serpent.

If Eyvind successfully seals Juno inside the Dark Sun, the Warped will be destroyed along with the Darkness.