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Warped Grunt
Size Small (1x1) Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 4
Attack Melee
Passive Drive Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Bludgeon (Hardened)
Stats & Ranks Default Hardened
Armor 10 14
Strength 11 15
Willpower 3 5
Exertion 1 1
Break 2 3
On EASY -3 Armor and -2 Strength is applied on battle start.
On NORMAL no changes to the above card are made..
On HARD +2 Armor and +2 Strength is applied on battle start.

In a twisted world, warped things writhe. Even the hardiest Dredge can't resist.

Abilities[ | ]


Active Ability | Bludgeon[ | ]

for Hardened Grunts only. They have higher stats and look like the pictured icon.
The Grunt deals a mighty blow of 3 Break + 4 Strength to the target at melee range,
regardless of the caster's strength. Costs 1 willpower.


Passive Ability | Drive[ | ]

The grunt explodes on death, granting adjacent allies 3 Willpower and leaving behind a tile of purple ash that damages enemies.

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

  • All Warped Dredge are still classified as dredge despite warpage, so they benefit from friendly Drumfire abilities you cast.
  • Bludgeon's guaranteed high damage makes containing Hardened Grunts a high priority, especially on Hard difficulty.