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Warped Slinger
Size Small (1x1) Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 3
Attack Range of 5
Passive Drive Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Lookout (Alert)
Stats & Ranks Default Alert
Armor 8 12
Strength 9 14
Willpower 5 6
Exertion 1 2
Break 2 3
On EASY -3 Armor and -2 Strength is applied on battle start.
On NORMAL no changes to the above card are made..
On HARD +2 Armor and +2 Strength is applied on battle start.

Warped Slingers are twisted rangers encountered in The Banner Saga 3, morphed by the darkness.

Abilities[ | ]


Active Ability | Lookout[ | ]

This ability is only available to Alert Warped Slingers, who look more saturated like the pictured icon.
The slinger opts to forgo attacking in favor of striking any unit that moves within its range for full Strength damage.


Passive Ability | Drive[ | ]

The slinger explodes on death, granting adjacent allies 3 Willpower and leaving behind a tile of purple ash that damages enemies.

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

  • Lookout functions identically to Overwatch, Alette's second ability. Closing in on the slinger without strength resist items or titles could damage your heroes!
  • Slingers' low Armor makes them easy targets.
  • On Hard difficulty, warped slingers' Strength can get as high as 16, or more with Umbrage.