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Warped Stonesinger
Size Small (1x1) Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 2
Attack Melee
Passive Warp Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Umbrage, Rupture
Armor 10
Strength 13
Willpower 8
Exertion 2
Break 1
On EASY -3 Armor and -2 Strength is applied on battle start.
On NORMAL no changes to the above card are made..
On HARD +2 Armor and +2 Strength is applied on battle start.

Are any of these faen creatures untouched by the coming tide? Evidently not! Warped stonesingers form a crucial part of the twisted warriors' onslaught.

Abilities[ | ]


Active Ability | Umbrage[ | ]

The stonesinger casts a spell that adds +3 Strength and -2 Armor to all friendly units.
Caster needs a round for the ability to take effect.

Active Ability | Rupture[ | ]

A round after casting, all friendlies with less than 8 Strength explode, dealing armor-ignoring damage to adjacents.


Passive Ability | Warp[ | ]

Randomly adds/subtracts one armor or strength for a few rounds from targets hit by the Stonesinger.
Leaves behind damaging ashes on death.

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

  • When any stonesinger uses an active ability, their next turn is skipped. This makes for an excellent opportunity window.
  • This unit's passive ability, Warp, can yield positive effects. With 1 strength and armor resistance, the bad stuff can be voided entirely.
  • Don't be surprised when you find warped stonesingers with red drapes. They have no stat differences.