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Zefr is a Hero character, encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Zefr icon versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
8 / 10 Armor
7 / 8 Strength
12 / 18 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
1 / 1 Break
Start rank Free points
5 0
Movement Attack
5 1 - 2
Active Passive
Runic Gale
Class: Valka

Background[ | ]

As a Valka, Zefr is a member of the highest order of the spellweaving menders and sworn to uphold the secrets of their sect; however, she is willing to reveal much of what she knows in order to save the lives of those in her custody.

Icon mend

Active Ability: Mend[ | ]

  • Zefr starts with Mend at Rank 3 (max), as her starting Hero Rank is 5.

Menders are able to quickly Mend on the field of battle, restoring the Armor of any ally anywhere on the battlefield. The amount of Armor restored is half of the Mender's current Willpower (WP) rounded down.

Rank 1: Armor restored is (WP+0)/2, rounded down.

Rank 2: Armor restored is (WP+1)/2, rounded down.

Rank 3: Armor restored is (WP+2)/2, rounded down.

Icon runicgale

Active Ability: Runic Gale[ | ]

  • Zefr starts with Runic Gale at Rank 3 (max), as her starting Hero Rank is 5.

The Mender creates a magically-infused zone within which concentrated areas of power form. Anyone, friend or foe, who steps through one of these concentrations receives a burst of power for 1 turn. Possible buffs include +3 to: Willpower, Strength Damage, Armor and/or Break.

Rank 1: 2 buff locations

Rank 2: 3 buff locations

Rank 3: 4 buff locations


  • Multiple buffs of the same type might spawn; their effect stacks, e.g. there's 1/256 chance to get +12 to Break!
  • The zone where the buffs spawn extends to 3 tiles all around a target tile, which can be anywhere within a range of 6 tiles from the Mender.
Icon breeze

Active Ability: Breeze[ | ]

  • Zefr gains Breeze when Promoted to Hero Rank 6.

The Mender grants one or more allies the speed of the North Wind, allowing them to move to any unoccupied tile on the battlefield in their next Turn. Because it greatly adds to movement, the magic can a allow a hero to take a much longer route to a tile than would otherwise be possible.

Rank 1: Targets 1 ally

Rank 2: Targets 2 allies

Rank 3: Targets 3 allies


  • The target ally unit must be within 6 tiles from the Mender (5 empty tiles)
  • The move range bonus is +30 tiles, large but not unlimited!

Joining the Party[ | ]

Zefr is first encountered in Bindal at the end of Chapter 9, but doesn't join the Ravens caravan Roster until after entering the mines in Chapter 11.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

Zefr cannot be killed in the second part of The Banner Saga. She plays a key role in the final battle of the game.

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Unlike Eyvind, Zefr does not have any offensive (damaging) active abilities; she is a purely support unit in battles.
  • She has an extended melee attack range of 2 tiles, the same as a Spearman. This allows her to attack from behind the safety of your front line, possibly benefiting from adjacency bonuses like Shield Wall.
  • Her regular move range is 5, the highest of all Hero units.
  • Runic Gale is quite RNG-dependent so it should be used with caution.
  • Casting Breeze on a high-Strength/multi-hitting ally (e.g. Bolverk or Krumr) can allow him to quickly neutralize dangerous enemy units lurking in the back-lines, like Dredge Stonesingers or ranged-attackers.